• Write a title for your fashion article

    Title should be 100 characters or less and contain long-tail keyword phrases for optimal results.

  • Write a beautiful article about fashion, clothing, online fashion recomandations or anything near this niche

    Here`s another rules that needs to be respected in order to have your article published

    • your article body/content should be at least 300 words long;
    • it should be written in English without any grammar errors;
    • it should be unique and make sure that you deliver on the promise in the title;
    • only articles that have content related to the categories below will be taken in consideration for publishing.
    Tips: we check your article body to be unique , using this Plagiarism Checker Tool. Make sure that the result is at least: 95% Unique Content, what is under 95% it won`t be publised. Please use Chrome Browser to have a better experience for formating the article content/body
  • Remember that it must be at leats 300 words and unique. Check it here before sending.
  • Choose a category that is relevant to the article`s niche

    If your article niche is not relevant to thoose acategories , DO NOT try to submit for approval.

  • Write keywords/tags that are relevant to your article content, separated by a comma (,) so your article can be found by search engines more easy.

  • Great progress....

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