For many years, quality wooden clogs were the right choice for all those people who, because of work and daily tasks are exposed to standing for hours, because they provide the quality, reliability, and the necessary comfort.

Employed in hospitals and health centers carry them throughout the year, and medical slippers are known for their simplicity and uniformity. Although commercially available models in different colors, those white was far the most common. In recent seasons, fashion designers organized the big return of clogs and advised us to wear them as everyday footwear because they are thankful and quality. Even more, they are fantastic in common combination with your favorite pieces from the wardrobe.

Clogs with the spring

Slipper  with a flexible metal spring have a very flexible sole that makes them extremely comfortable for daily walking and long hours of standing. Spring slipper  properly affect the joints and spine with the every step. Their wearing encourages circulation of feet and legs, and spine is relieved from any pain during movement. Those are special wooden shoes made of high-quality natural leather.

Clogs for nurses with anatomical insole

They are made with a special sole made from wood and framed with rubber to prevent slipping and high-quality leather with holes that allow the foot to breathe properly and not to sweat. Most often they have extra special anatomic insoles that serve to correct weight distribution and pressure on the entire foot, which relieves pressure from the spine and joints while walking. These insoles are thin, durable and easy to maintain, and your foot will provide a sense to wear clogs specially designed for you.

Dutch clogs

Dutch clogs are footwear made completely from the wood, and they worldwide know, although their look may be a little different depending on the origin country. But Dutch clogs are one of the basic hallmarks of the Dutch country and ongoing inspiration of the artist. Firstly, they were made as traditional footwear in agriculture. They are used to couple different dance styles, but more that anything else, they are associated with tulips and windmills. Classic Dutchs are rarely worn today. They more far often buy as a lovely souvenir from the trip. Although some young people negatively associated clogs with cheap folklore of the farms, this is only a matter of lack of understanding of this essences.

What about Crocs

As with all great things, it all started completely harmless. Three friends were cruising in the Caribbean and came with an idea to make slippers for all lovers of sailing and sailing ships, which will allow for all those who deal with these dynamic and slippery sports to move along the white ship, without falling into the water. So in 2000 occurred that this bulky, but very comfortable clogs with the questionable aesthetic value become totally hit. They even have a “walking” straps which firmly hold clog up the leg.

So far has been sold an incredible number of these clogs because the world is full of people who need a comfortable and lightweight footwear that do not slip.