Being yourself is the prettiest thing you can be. Prom dresses do allow you to exude beauty in its most natural form. Before we go into the different types of prom dresses, we should have an idea as to the reason behind these dresses getting their name. Let us glance though history and trace the origins of this particular word.

In very simple terms, the word ‘prom’ is the short form for the word, promenade. The promenade is a formal introductory parading of guests at a party. In the 19th century, the American Universities used to have such events at the end of the year for each graduating class. Even today, you have these prom nights as the most important dance of the high school where the senior students get to have the time of their lives. They usually associate such events with dating. In fact, these prom nights could be the right occasion for any student to seek a date with a fellow student.

Therefore, it requires you to be at your best as far as appearance in concerned. Traditionally, the prom dress is a long formal dress that comes in a range of colors like red, pink, ivory white, and even green and blue. The main purpose of wearing the prom dresses is to attract your partner and seek a date invitation.

The prom nights do give you the necessary freedom to be yourself. Hence, one can choose the dress they are comfortable with. The main idea of the prom is to have fun. The prom is basically an event for the younger generation who are just stepping out of school or college. On the other hand, the cocktail parties are much more formal in comparison.

Of course, a cocktail party is also an occasion where you have a great time. At the same time, the dress code for a cocktail is a semi-formal type of dress. Usually, these cocktail dresses end up just about at the knee. In the olden days, they used to stretch up right up to the ankle. Also known as the ballerina dress, they have undergone a change today with the modern day cocktail dresses rarely extending below the knee.

Traditionally, the cocktail dresses are black but you can them in various colors in recent times. Another important feature of the cocktail dress is the presence of lace or sequins. A cocktail party is necessarily different from a prom night. However, you do have to make a statement at a cocktail party as well. The prom night allows you to be a bit more liberal with the dress code whereas the cocktail party is more of a semi-formal type.

Hence, each of these events requires different kinds of dresses. You can get away with outrageous colors on a prom night because the main objective of participating in a prom night is to land a date. This is not the case in a cocktail party. The cocktail parties are for older women. Hence, the color codes can vary.


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