What You Need to Know Before Buying a Yoga Mat Bag

Carrying a yoga mat can be clumsy and unmanageable without a proper bag. Good quality yoga mats are heavy, lengthy, and durable. Therefore, you need a yoga mat bag that is large and durable. There is a huge variety of mat bags in different sizes, shapes, and styles to carry yoga mats of different sizes. Consider a few things before you go out there to purchase a bag for your yoga mat.


You can find bags made from different types of materials to carry your yoga mats. There are bags made of canvas, cotton, linen, and nylon. Each of these materials has its own pros and cons. Canvas bags are stylish, durable, and washable. You can choose cotton or nylon yoga mat bags ( livewell360.com/yoga-mat-bags ) if you want to protect your yoga mats from the vagaries of nature and prevent the growth of bacteria and mold. It is essential to choose the most appropriate bag material to store your yoga mat so that you can clean it without hassles whenever necessary.

Size of the bag

Most of the standard yoga bags can accommodate only thin and lightweight mats, which are made of PVC. Regular yoga practitioners often use high quality, thick and durable mats that require a large-sized bag. Therefore, before you purchase a mat bag, consider the size of your mat, or better, take it along with you while you purchase your mat bag. In this way, you are rest assured you have the right sized bag for your yoga mat. When there are so many options out there, remember not to settle for something that caters to your minimum requirement.


Similar to all kinds of bags, yoga mat bags are also available in a huge plethora of designs and styles. You can find tote bags, long tube design bags, gym bags with separate yoga mat straps, and so forth. There are mat bags with different compartments to store yoga costumes, towels, makeup accessories, mobiles, iPods, and even valuables such as jewelry. Invest in a mat bag that has secured pockets and pouches to keep money and valuables while you workout or practice yoga.

Apart from designs, styles, and colors, it is always important to choose a yoga mat bag that is functional and convenient. Some bags might appear beautiful when it hangs on your shoulder, but if it can hardly protect your yoga mat, it is deemed useless.

Therefore, while you shop for your mat bag ( https://www.livewell360.com/products/ ), consider the number of things you carry to your yoga session and then choose a bag that fits all these accessories perfectly. If you consider the above factors, your search for a perfect mat bag will be a hassle-free process.

What to Look For in Women’s Gym Backpack

Gone are the days when gym bags were mere backpacks to pack your gym clothes and accessories. Now, gym backpacks have become sophisticated and trendy ( livewell360.com/products/backpack ). You can find women’s gym backpack in a wide variety of colors, styles, designs, and materials to suit your personal lifestyle.

There are a few things to consider before you choose a gym backpack. Some of these are the following

Size of the bag

Gym backpacks vary from small to large size bag that is ideal for travel. A medium sized gym bag is more appropriate as it is easy to carry and convenient.


Some of the most commonly used materials are nylon, leather, and canvas. You can choose the materials of the bag according to your style and personal taste. Nylon backpacks are affordable and easy to maintain. Moreover, it tends to be water resistant. However, leather backpacks are expensive and susceptible to damage when exposed to water.


With gym backpacks becoming more popular and stylish, you can find a huge variety of designs and colors to suit different types of gym outfits. There are duffel bags, messenger bags, tote bags, and much more available at affordable price rates.


Women’s gym backpacks have shoulder straps that are adjustable and extremely comfortable. There are several other backpacks, which feature different types of straps. You can choose a gym backpacks according to your comfort level and convenience.


It is important to choose gym backpacks that are long lasting with the ability to withstand the test of time. Nylon backpacks are durable and water resistant. It is an ideal choice while you travel to the gym.


Women’s gym backpack must be able to accommodate all types of gym accessories such as shoes, gym clothes, sneakers, water bottle, and other accessories. Most of the gym backpacks have adjustable compartments, which can store different types of items such as shampoos, moisturizers, refreshing sprays, and so forth. You can also keep your sweaty clothes in a different compartment if the gym bag is spacious.

Shoe compartment

Gym backpacks with separate shoe compartments is another crucial element that you need to consider before buying these bags. You can look for bags that have large pockets to store your shoes.

Women’s gym backpacks are easy to carry, as there is less strain on the shoulders. There is a large number of stylish gym backpacks for women in different styles and designs  ( Livewell360.com/Products ) at reasonable price rates. Backpacks have been a classic option, and it can accommodate more than your gym accessories.

It is essential to choose gym bags according to your work out session. Lightweight bags are ideal for runners while you need a strong bag with straps if you need to carry weight. Gym backpacks can make you look stylish. Therefore, choose a trendy backpack and appear chic for your routine workout!

Delta Gamma Apparel: Five Trendy Sweatshirt Designs to Try Out this Fall-Winter

Greek apparel traverses the fashion cycle much like other clothing items. Apparel styles, print designs, and colors go in and out of fashion from time to time. Some of them get adopted across chapters, while others stay unique to a few. Here’s a look at what members of Delta Gamma are wearing this fall-winter ( adamblockdesign.com/delta-gamma ), especially sweatshirt trends because they are staples in this season of cold winds and snow.

Polka Dot Hooded Pull Over

Polka dot fabrics have a certain retro yet feminine feel that makes them a great choice for sorority clothing. These designs look equally look stunning on a sweatshirt as they do on t-shirts or dresses. The polka dot hoodie features an all-over polka pattern on the body, sleeves, as well as on the inside and the outside of the hood. Pick a hooded pullover in a darker shade such as navy, black, or mélange grey for a true holiday vibe. Customize it with a simple anchor motif and Delta Gamma lettering on the back.

Crew Neck Sweatshirt in Fleece

When you need added warmth on an extremely cold day, nothing works better than a sweatshirt made from fleece. Not only does it keep your body protected but it also feels super comfortable and cozy against your skin. Light and pastel shades look extremely lovely on fleece, so choose a design in pale blue, pink, or even lavender. Customize it with a large floral print and Delta Gamma lettering in the front to lift your spirits during the celebrations.

Striped Cardigan

When in need of some formal protective clothing in winters, pick the cardigan. This season, the button-down sweater gets a nautical makeover with striped sleeves, striped hem, and contrast inner cuffs. The stripes, however, are not overwhelming but present just across one of the sleeves and in finer widths on the hem. Blue and white are an all-time favorite combination, so pick a cardigan with a deep blue or navy body and white stripes. Personalize it with the Delta Gamma logo around the pocket area.

Foil Print Crew Neck Sweatshirt

Foil print designs have been trending for quite a while, and it looks like they are here to stay for some time. The glistening print designs in foil resonate with the shimmer and sparkle present all around during the holiday season. They look even better when set over a base of deep or dark fabric such as red or green, as they exude a Christmas-like feel. For customization, use the Greek letters in front and embellish the back with an inspiring quote or text.

Embroidered Half-Zip Sweatshirt

The half-zip sweatshirt continues to be a favorite during this fall-winter and is just perfect for anyone who loves to flaunt a classic style ( https://www.adamblockdesign.com/search/all ). A basic, solid sweatshirt in mélange grey fabric with a dark half-zipper and collared neck is a great choice. Give this Delta Gamma apparel a Greek touch with the crest logo in front and the symbols on the back.

Stand out from the Crowd with Greek Life Apparel

Let’s begin with an introduction to Greek Life and then we will discuss some apparels. Sororities and Fraternities are collectively known as Greek Life. They are social organizations at universities and colleges. They are mostly based in the United States of America and with a small presence in Canada, France, and the Philippines. By buying from reputed stores, you can customize the apparel according to your choice of design and you can get the picture how it will look like while wearing ( adamblockdesign/greek-life-apparel ). There are various brands of fraternity and sorority clothing with lots of styles and colors to choose for any type of events like bid day or sorority recruitment. You can also get your ideal wear for philanthropic fundraising or sports event or any special event. There are wide ranges of jackets and sweatshirts to choose to keep you warm during chilly winters. Do check sorority bottoms that will match any sweatshirt or shirt.

Here we will discuss some fraternity and sorority clothing that help people to understand Greek Life Apparel.

  • Fraternity BreakAway Hockey Jersey – This piece is an oversized hockey wear having a dual color and the design is inclined with accent piping. It has a contrast color and has angles yoke and collar. The cost of the jersey will be around 46 dollars.
  • Sorority Slouchy Tee – This Greek Life Apparel should be on your top of the list. It is very comfortable made of 3.7 ounces with sixty-five percent polyester and thirty-five percent viscose to give the tee a breathable and lightweight feeling. The length of the shirt is suited for a long body and having a curved bottom hem making the tee a perfect wear with skinny jeans or leggings. The scoop neck and the slouchy fit make it an everyday wear. The best part is the on the front part of the tee, there is a display of a bold design with full name and sorority’s Greek letters. The slouchy t-shirts are available with various colorful designs for representing most of the major sororities.
  • Sorority Easy Care Shirt with Long Sleeves – This wash-and-wear cloth is a must at your workplace. The specialty is it is wrinkle free, which has an advantage from other clothes. It weighs 4.5 ounces, contains fifty-five percent cotton and forty-five percent polyester and a gives a traditional look with an open collar, adjustable cuffs, and dyed-to-match buttons. This shirt is worth 20 to 25 dollars.
  • Sorority and Fraternity Straw Hat – The hats are a craze on university and college campuses an there is no better design than the printed straw hat that enhances your personality. The cool hat features a breathable straw weave having a high crown ( https://www.adamblockdesign.com/search/all ), stylish upturned brim and a circular crease. The interior portion is lined for improved wearability and available in various colors. One can also pick various letter colors for a funky look. One needs to pay 35 dollars to get the hat.

How Important is a Backpack with Shoe Compartment?

Let’s face it; everybody wants to make a statement as they hit the gym for their fitness regime. Be it the gym gears, gym wears or the gym bags; the new fitness generation wants it all perfect. And when it comes to the gym bag, it should be large, lightweight, multi-partitioned, separate shoe compartment and of course must be affordable.

Backpack with a shoe compartment is having the best of both worlds where fitness enthusiasts can carry their gym shoes in a stylish bag. And while the bag is expected to carry any size of shoes ( livewell360/the-backpack ), it is also expected to provide enough room for clothes and accessories of various training regimes such as cross training or weight training.

Almost everyone looks for the separate shoe compartment in gym bag packs. These bags are easy to carry even on motorbikes and bicycles. Even those who prefer to walk to the gym can also easily carry the bag on the shoulder without feeling the extra weight. The cushioned shoulder straps prevent the bag from feeling heavy even if it carries other weights with the shoes.

The separate shoe compartment also locks the smell from the shoes to spread in the bag. For those who carry a laptop in a gym bag, also need not to worry about the dust or the dirt from the shoes to reach the laptop because these gym bags have laptop compartment completely separate from shoe compartment.

Some bags also provide shoe compartment at the bottom of the bag with separate zippers. It gives the feeling of two bags attached to each other.

Majority of a backpack with a shoe compartment is made from durable polyester fabric which is wash proof and keeps everything inside safe and dry. Though the fabric may vary as per the model or the design of the bag ( LiveWell360/products ), but a certain percentage of polyester is always there.

The polyester makes the bags lightweight and easy to maintain. Even if an athlete regularly cleans the shoes, the smell always returns because of excessive sweating during training. And running makes the shoes dirty.

The concept of separate shoe compartment in the bag pack prevents this sweat and dirt from spreading into other things inside the bag. Who would like their clothes, water bottle, accessories, and other essentials to smell bad or get dirty? No wonder why backpack with a shoe compartment is the new style statement in the gym!

Understand the Great Significance of Fraternity Apparel before Wearing

Going Greek? Be Courteous to Your Attire

Wear your fraternity apparel with printed or twill Greek letters on the torso proudly. While designing the time-honored letters from an online custom designer group ( adamblockdesign.com/fraternity-apparel ), never bypass the thumb rule of having the letter on the front part that should display your house. The rear of the outfit can be left blank, or it might have the sub-branch of your fraternity to which you’re associated. It can also include events, occasions, or captions like ‘celebrating 150 years of excellence’, ‘reduce, reuse, and recycle’ as well as your lucky number, etc.

 The rule has been long established and violation of which is not expected from any fraternity member. Understand why the system has been made like this before wearing your outfit. The house you represent is your pride and having it on the preamble demonstrate your esteem, outlook, and culture to your fraternity and sorority, public and nation. If you’re participating in a fundraising curriculum organized by your Greek alliance or social welfare activity, the drive needs to be displayed on the back of fraternity apparel, making people aware of your special endeavor and participate or donate for the curriculum.

 Not only the majority of presidents of USA, but hundreds of thousands of famous personalities and celebrities have had been fraternity members of a Greek organization. Thereby, consider the importance of those Greek letters and how they symbolize the years of their traditional values. As you cannot choose any Greek letter for your fraternity apparel which is not approved by the Greek society, never dishonor the letters of merit or overlook the contributions of people who wore them beforehand, which show nothing but your stupidity.

 Consider buying your fraternity apparel only through online Greek sorority designer groups who know the immense value of Greek letters better than anyone. They design the letters with the premium quality inks for screen-printing or twill them vibrantly with expert hands. The quality of the apparel and the color both contribute to let the letter retain without being faded for generations.

 Understanding the meaning of the Greek letters is your first job before you put on them. Apart from getting the assistance of peers ( https://www.adamblockdesign.com/search/all ), the world of internet is open for you to recognize the importance of the letters. It would be quite humiliating if you cannot answer someone who asks you the meaning of the Greek letter that you boast of.

 Hoard your treasure into your closet and maintain them throughout your life and present your alumni brothers but never throw them away. Let its value go through generations, and your descendants know about your great association, involvements, and activities.

Three Benefits of Buying a Small Gym Bag

What is the main purpose of your gym bag? It is to stock all your gym accessories in an organized and neat manner. It is also important that you are able to carry it around comfortably. Your bag for gymming has to stuff in many things ( LiveWell360/small-gym-bag ), but that does not mean that your gym bag should be huge and bulky. It is required is that the bag is designed such that it lets you keep your things more organized.

Here is why you should prefer a small gym bag to a large and bulky one.

1. If you are traveling on train or on a bus then a small bag is more convenient to store. You can easily push it in the train or the bus overhead compartment and not worry about carrying it with you all through the journey and disturbing the other passengers. The small bags for your gym also easily fit under the seat. So if you need to travel on a public transport to reach your gymnasium then a small bag is preferred.

2. Gymnasium lockers are not huge in size. Mostly you end up keeping your gym bag outside after stuffing your valuables inside. Buy a small bag that fits into the gym locker completely. This way you would not have to bother about leaving your gym bag outside.

3. If you cycle to your gym, then carrying a large bag is a big trouble. A small gym bag will easily fit in your cycle basket or carrier. You can also carry it on your shoulders because the small size will not interfere when you cycle.
The size of the bag is best if it is small. The small gym bags are easy to carry in your hands too.

A small bag does not mean that you will be able to stuff in fewer things. When shopping around for a small gym bag ( LiveWell360.com/products ) there are many designs that you can choose. These small bags have separate compartments for your gym accessories. This also keeps you more organized. You thus do not need to keep digging into your bag to pull out your headphone or your home keys.

Look to buy the bag with separate pockets for your phone, water bottle, clothes, towel, and other valuables. This way you will be able to store what you want but in a smaller sized bag that is convenient to store and easy to carry.