BlackHickies take the pride to introduce different lacing styles to suit your needs based on the occasions without any compromises. The elastic shoelaces are available at different styles such as regular, loose, tight, mixed, extra tight, extra loose, loops and classic. You can choose the right fit according to your desires. It will ensure stylish looks at the end. It is suitable for different types of eyelets like leather, fabric, loops etc. So if you have any type of shoes you can opt for this elastic shoe laces without any hesitation. It is compatible to all kinds of eyelets of the shoes in the market.  

Updated version

The Hickies 1.0 s now updated to Hickies 2.0. This updated version has enhanced features in reliability, durability and adaptability. The materials used in the manufacturing of shoe laces remain the same but their performance was increased in the updated version.  Moreover the shoelaces have come up with soft textures for easy handling features.  The kids shoe laces seems to have playful looks like round shaped, glossy finished etc. It gives a streamlined appearance with slimmer and symmetrical features. The updated shoe laces have increased durability due to 33% raise in the cross sectional thickness of the strap. Due to its resilient features it makes the shoelaces to get adapt to all types of shoes without any compromises in its performances.

Regular usage

The elastic shoelaces suits well for regular usage. You can use them in your day to day activities without any wear and tear for a long run. It has a good lifetime despite of consistent usage. Moreover it saves a lot of time when compared to the traditional types of shoelaces. Enjoy your every step with this stylish shoe laces. The design of these elastic shoelaces has been differentiated between the adults and kids for optimum usage. The kids shoe laces were designed at shorter lengths and soft texture to aid the comforts in wearing them on daily basis.

Handling with ease

Now, you need not worry about tying your shoe laces once you have purchased these elastic shoelaces from Hickies. It gives you great comforts with easy lasing techniques. You can refer their official website to know more about the step by step procedure of the lacing system. It makes you to feel comfort and ease even if you wear it for longer period of time.

Online store

Just visit their online store to know more about the product details. Grab the right product of your choice without any hesitations. The factors to be noted while purchasing the shoe laces are the sizes, colors and the price. If everything suits your desires then you have found the right fit of your choice. All the products available in the store for sales has best in quality, durability and reliability so there is no need to worry about those elements during your purchase. Make your payments according to the given instructions provided by them. Begin your day with stylish shoelaces.


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