Humans started wearing earrings in ancient times, when earrings were considered primarily a male ornament. Apparently, Ancient Assyrians and Egyptians used this type of jewellery to show their socio-economic status.

The jewellery designs can range from small loops and studs to large plates and dangling items, but the size can be limited by the physical capacity of the earlobe to hold the earring without tearing.

Today, gold earrings are used by ladies with the purpose of complementing the shape of their face. Select earrings that are in tune with your tastes and personality. Don’t just buy a pair because it is in vogue, knowing that it is not the right colour or shape for you.

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Here are some tips about how you can choose the right gold earrings:

1. Face

Every woman wants jewelry that flatters her face. Since every face is different, it’s a good idea to find gold earrings for womens that goes well with one’s face shape, size, and skin tone. With gold earrings in particular, there are perfect options for every woman.

2. Durability

Though gold is not as durable as some industrial metals, gold earrings for womens are some of the most durable jewelry available. Both white gold jewelry and yellow gold jewelry can be worn daily, as gold wedding rings have proven. Earrings of all types sit near your face, so it is important to always look their best.

3. Sensitivity

Gold is a high-quality metal, and although it is sometimes alloyed with nickel and copper, it is less likely to cause allergies or pain in the earlobes than many other substances. Gold earrings for womens are unlikely to cause allergic reactions, so you can buy them with no worry.

4. Shine

Few metals match the beauty and luster of gold. Gold earrings for womens quickly draw attention to the face, and, whether you choose white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or two-tone earrings, you’ll be adding shiny luster to your earlobes.

5. Expense

The cost of a pair of gold earrings for womens can be determined by numerous facts, but especially by how much gold the jewellery contain.

6. Versatility

You may have some jewellery in your collection that can only be worn with a few different outfits. Gold earrings for womens are generally versatile enough to be worn with everything, making it a good investment.

Earrings are one of the most important accessories for a woman, so make a style statement wherever you go, be it on the beach or in the club!

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