Greek apparel traverses the fashion cycle much like other clothing items. Apparel styles, print designs, and colors go in and out of fashion from time to time. Some of them get adopted across chapters, while others stay unique to a few. Here’s a look at what members of Delta Gamma are wearing this fall-winter ( ), especially sweatshirt trends because they are staples in this season of cold winds and snow.

Polka Dot Hooded Pull Over

Polka dot fabrics have a certain retro yet feminine feel that makes them a great choice for sorority clothing. These designs look equally look stunning on a sweatshirt as they do on t-shirts or dresses. The polka dot hoodie features an all-over polka pattern on the body, sleeves, as well as on the inside and the outside of the hood. Pick a hooded pullover in a darker shade such as navy, black, or mélange grey for a true holiday vibe. Customize it with a simple anchor motif and Delta Gamma lettering on the back.

Crew Neck Sweatshirt in Fleece

When you need added warmth on an extremely cold day, nothing works better than a sweatshirt made from fleece. Not only does it keep your body protected but it also feels super comfortable and cozy against your skin. Light and pastel shades look extremely lovely on fleece, so choose a design in pale blue, pink, or even lavender. Customize it with a large floral print and Delta Gamma lettering in the front to lift your spirits during the celebrations.

Striped Cardigan

When in need of some formal protective clothing in winters, pick the cardigan. This season, the button-down sweater gets a nautical makeover with striped sleeves, striped hem, and contrast inner cuffs. The stripes, however, are not overwhelming but present just across one of the sleeves and in finer widths on the hem. Blue and white are an all-time favorite combination, so pick a cardigan with a deep blue or navy body and white stripes. Personalize it with the Delta Gamma logo around the pocket area.

Foil Print Crew Neck Sweatshirt

Foil print designs have been trending for quite a while, and it looks like they are here to stay for some time. The glistening print designs in foil resonate with the shimmer and sparkle present all around during the holiday season. They look even better when set over a base of deep or dark fabric such as red or green, as they exude a Christmas-like feel. For customization, use the Greek letters in front and embellish the back with an inspiring quote or text.

Embroidered Half-Zip Sweatshirt

The half-zip sweatshirt continues to be a favorite during this fall-winter and is just perfect for anyone who loves to flaunt a classic style ( ). A basic, solid sweatshirt in mélange grey fabric with a dark half-zipper and collared neck is a great choice. Give this Delta Gamma apparel a Greek touch with the crest logo in front and the symbols on the back.