Discover the most desired summer handbag trends

You know that style is in the bag. Because summer is here, let’s take a look on the summer 2014 handbag trends, what combinations should we use and what are the most popular bags from the best fashion houses.

This summer, the bags collections of greatest fashion houses were dominated by the medium sized handbags. Presented in numerous forms, from cross-body types and hand-held options to medium sized frame bags and even bigger handbags, the collections of the fashion designers come to meet all the tastes and preferences in matter of bags.

The handheld and small chic seems to be the most preferred and fascinating trend that should not be missing from your wardrobe. This type of handbag is very cute and stylish option that could greatly complement a business outfit as well as for an everyday occasion, but you can also wear it on a chic party. Versace, Rochas, Prada, Diane Von Furstenberg and Missoni have some spectacular handheld bags that will certainly convince you to get one for yourself.

Although the strap bags have the size and design similar to handheld bags, the longer strap allows you to wear it as a shoulder bag when you do not want to simply hold it with your hands. Marni, Chloé and Diane Von Furstenberg created some sophisticated strap bags that will make you look twice at them.

 Chanel Bag

The chic frame bag is the comfy, cool and creative option that has a versatile character and is definitely one of the major trends of this summer. Being medium sized and having an elegant design, the frame bag is excellent for walks, is suites perfectly a business outfit and you can wear it for everyday purposes. Check the collections of Balenciaga, Mulberry and Chanel and you will be amazed of their frame bags.

versace kelly bag

The Kelly bag is a more comprehensive and stylish variant of frame bags. Jason Wu and Versace have created some outstanding Kelly bags that you can wear it not only for business or leisure, but you can also take them with you in trips or when going shopping.

Another popular trend this summer is Tote bag. Actually, it seems like this trend will never get out of fashion. Being big sized, comfortable to use and having a unique style, a tote bag is perfect to carry all the poolside accessories and your cosmetics, but you can also use it to complement an everyday look. The collections of Christian Dior and Valentino have some amazing tote bags that you should not miss.

A cool and interesting principle noticed during fashion shows is matching the design, style and color of your handbags with your garments. Designs and textures are extremely important, so choose bags with glittery details, metallic vibes, vibrant colors and geometric patterns. Breads, velvet, fringes, studs and crystals were excellent details of bags from the summer collections of Fendi, Christian Dior, Valentino, Diane Von Furstenberg or Etro.

The colorful interpretations with the most incredible and diverse design patterns are definitely a must for this summer handbag trends. Complete your wardrobe with these amazing bags and you will certainly look sensational this summer.

Printed skirts for a perfect outfit this summer

If you are wondering what kind of skirt is the fashion trend of this summer, well, print is the answer.  Designers have used a lot of interesting prints, patterns and textures in order to provide us the best collections of printed skirts to wear in the summer of 2014.

Prints are generally preferred during all seasons. In the autumn-winter trend, the strict geometrical patterns colored in neutral shades seem to be the most common prints. But in the spring-summer trends, everybody chooses colorful and vibrant patterns, with unusual sizes and shapes.

Floral print skirts are already a must have of this summer. Dressed with a floor length skirt, you will certainly create a statement, but if your skirt has a bald floral pattern, you will draw everyone’s attention. Bella Thorne is one of the stars who have worn a long floral skirt and she has definitely turned heads.

When selecting a floral print, you have to remember that small patterns combined with light colors are best for types of bodies with fine thighs. Large patterns with dark shades are suited for types of bodies with large hips. Also, you should keep in mind to combine the shade of pattern with the central color of your look.

Animal prints maintain their position in the preferences of designers so you can easily wear a printed skirt from last year’s collections and accessorize it with jewelry or sun glasses of current collections. Although animal prints are still trendy and popular, this year neon, brilliant, vibrant and unnatural colors are the most favorite shades.

When choosing a leopard print skirt, bear in mind the shape of your body and remember that vibrant, light colors quickly draw attention. If you have voluptuous thighs, wear prints with classic dark colors combined with a top in lighter shades. This way you will balance your outfit while you will still be able to wear your amazing printed skirt and look fabulous, as well.

houndstooth-skirt-art2One of this season’s print craze are the triangles, grids, concentric circles and other geometric prints. Stripe, plaid, houdstooth and rhomb represent basic pattern for this summer’s collections. If you want to know what you should choose, you have to keep in mind the shape of your body and these tips: if you have rounded hips, select skirts with rhombus, plaid or houndstooth. Select horizontal stripes and houndstooth for a slim, athletic body and, if your hips are actually wider than your shoulders, choose skirts with dark colors and thin vertical strips that will suit you most.

Tiny details make a significant difference. Accessorize your printed skirt with a nice belt, a pretty top or with your favorite jewelry and you will certainly make a great impression!

Find out the best ways to wear a white dress this summer

The latest fashion news for the summer of 2014 comes in a pretty monochromatic package. This season white is the most popular color – or non color -, so there is not piece of clothing or accessory left untouched by this cool shade: skirts, dresses, tops, pants, shoes, bags and even jewelry.

The best part about wearing white this season is that it greatly emphasizes your tan. Derek Lam,Ralph Rucci, Phillip Lim, Thakoon, Carolina Herrera, Victoria Beckham, Marc Jacobs, Cesar Galindo, Alexander Wang are only a few of the designers who have chosen this chic, refreshing color for their new collections.

gwyneth munich white dress

Even more, nothing expresses summer like a fresh all-white appearance. And because dresses seem to be the most popular items of clothing this summer, you have plenty of options to select the white dress which suits you most. A white dress is perfect for a weekend at the beach, a cocktail party, for office and for special occasions, as well.

Shift dresses, evening dresses, strapless, draped, tank, mini dresses or maxi dresses, all you have to do is select the white dress for your body type and for your budget.

white dressFollow the example offered by Jennifer Aniston and select a white evening dress to feel ultraelegant, chic, sexy and fresh. This kind of dress is best for all body types, because it beautifully skims the curves and shows a little tanned skin. But you can also cover up, choosing dresses that float away from the body and you can even emphasize your best parts, with a dress that has an open back or a lower neckline.

A white evening dress creates and emphasizes the curves, being also comfortable and representing one of the must have trends of the summer of 2014. But do not wear it to a wedding and avoid accessorizing it with overtly lacy details, so you will not look too bridal.

A white shift dress has a breezy shape and it is just perfect for these hot summer days. Highlighting your tanned arms while not defining a waist nor hugging the curves, a white shift dress is best suited for an athletic body, such as Gwyneth Paltrow, this minimalist beauty. This type of white dress will effortlessly make you look elegant and chic, being a perfect outfit for almost any kind of occasion.

A white strapless dress may be worn just about anywhere and you can accessorize it perfectly with your favorite statement necklaces. Revealing your shoulders and arms, this type of dress balances your shape if you are not pleased about your lower body and has the amazing effect of drawing attention on your upper body.

Tank dresses, maxi dresses or mini dresses, you can wear all kinds of dresses this summer, as long as they are white. Emphasize your dress with the perfect jewelry, bags and shoes and you will certainly make a splash wherever you will show up!

Great advices for a life full of colour and taste


…wants to appear amazing, yet people with bad taste in fashion seem to surround us every day. This can become quite frustrating, the lack of style and the color disagreement could make us laugh or, even worse, it may cause us depression.

The truth is that the fashion designers always come with interesting ideas, surprising us with trends of all tastes, to suit everybody. But we still wear similar clothes, tasteless and impersonal outfits, blaming the lack of time or money for not purchasing better clothing. And these reasons are not at all as important as the matter of a good taste.

You can

…cultivate in yourself the sense of style if you truly want. There are some principles of good taste in fashion that everybody should know.

First of all, select pieces that can be combined easily, pullovers, tops, jeans and blouses that match, as well as shoes, bags and accessories which will suit your style and personality. Choose to have few things of high quality rather than more clothes, but cheap and fake. Because cheap clothes will make you look cheap.

Do not

…follow fashion blindly, especially if the trends do not suit you. Every style can be modified a little, to your own desires and interests. Also, select the color combinations very carefully, because some colors may be unflattering for your look, while some combinations can really spice up your appearance.

Shoes represent the finishing touch to your look, being able to make your legs longer, hiding your lack of height and even make you feel more comfortable and beautiful. Buy high quality shoes, they look better, you can wear them longer and they will not hurt your feet.


…but not least, wear clothes that are in harmony with your mood, your character and with the season of the year and have measure if you really wish to appear stylish and exciting.


Ever heard of these these fashion tips :

















Fashion Do’s and Don’ts for 2014

Coco Chanel said that “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”. And since fashion is such an essential part of our existence and we sometimes follow trends automatically, devoid of thinking if some style suits us, we still select “fashionable” looks that are not right for us.

It is important to consider a lot of aspects when we decide to purchase or wear trendy clothing, as well as when we choose our shoes or even our hairstyle. Here are some Fashion Do’s and Don’ts for 2014.

Because 2014 is an intriguing year for hairstyles, from bob and pixie crop to shoulder length, soft curls and long hair, depending on what we desire, a younger, cheerful look or something a little more elegant, the radical hairstyles are definitely popular.

Jumpsuits are preferred in 2014, dressed in various looks, with scarves or suited jewelry which highlight the flowing cuts, the body – hugging or cute jumpsuits that can make us look fantastic. However, some jumpsuits seem to be workman clothes and, even worse, the jumpsuits with vertical stripes will make you look like a prisoner.

Pink is the favored color of 2014, used for dresses, shirts, coats or pants, as well as for nail polish, bags, clutches and even for shoes.

Leggings are also a big thing this year, but it is essential to combine it with stylish longer tops if you want to look elegant or sexy. Worn with short tops, the leggings will make you appear weird.

Mixing color and bold prints is also a great idea, but choose something to match your physics and personality if you want to look stunning, yet fashionable. Accessorize with good taste and your clothes will make you unique and exciting.