Best choice in matter of men jackets and coats

Doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, you need a jacket! You can’t go anywhere without it. I mean, yeah, you could, but would you look that stylish without it? Don’t think so! You see, every man out there needs a jacket. Or more than one! And that because we go to so many events, so we have to have at least one jacket that would make us look good.

Luckily for us, we don’t have to worry about finding the right men jackets and coats. There are plenty of them to choose from and many stores from where we can buy them. Either if you go to a brick and mortar shop or if you buy your coats online, you are bound to find the one you like or you were looking for.

You just have to know what kind of coat or jacket you want or need. If it’s hot outside (summer), obviously, you need something that won’t make sweat like you’re a sauna! On the other hand, if it’s winter, choose a jacket that would keep you warm and that will protect you from rain, wind or snow! Also, think about why you need this jacket or coat. Will you be wearing it at work, parties or any other such events?

Now, I would like to share with you a list of five types of men jackets and coats that every man should have in his wardrobe. Here they are!

1. The blazer

It’s a pretty versatile piece of clothing, which makes it perfect for every occasion. Or almost every occasion… It can be worn for a formal or semi-formal meeting or event, for example. But as I said, if you want to, you can take it with you anywhere you go. It should fit just perfect to the event you’re going to!

When wearing a blazer, men tend to pair it up with a shirt, a sweater and a tie. Some men like to also wear a polo shirt, with open-neck. Other good combos are a blazer, cotton pants and grey flannels!

2. The military jacket

Well, they’re not only for the boys from the navy or the air force. You can buy them and wear them too! Isn’t that badass or what? These jackets are very functional and have big pockets in the front, where you can stash a lot of things, from tools, to fishing lures! They are also very comfortable, mainly do to the way the sleeves join the back of the jacket.

Your movements are not limited and you can wear the military jacket in the summer, since it has a lightweight insulation which, at least theoretically, won’t make you sweat!

3. The rain jacket

What’s it good for? Exactly, to keep you dry when going out on a rainy day! Since they are pretty water-resistant, you shouldn’t get wet. Not many of them have an insulation, but most rain jackets are made of coated nylon and/or Gore-Tex. If you have a rain pant, combine it with a rain jacket to make yourself waterproof!

4. The trench coat

Some trench coats are made of leather, but usually, they are made of cotton poplin and cotton drill. Nevertheless, all these materials offer good protection against water. The trench coat is a long coat, usually reaching below the knees and is fitted with an insulated lining. Therefore, it can be worn both in warm, as well as cold weather.

5. The wind breaker

They help you stay dry and protect you from the wind if you need to go out in a storm. Some wind breakers do have insulation, while others don’t. The fabrics they’re made of are synthetic and shiny. Might also include a hood. Can be paired with a pair of wind breaker trousers!

Best choice in matter of women jackets and coats

Ladies, you need a jacket! You also need a coat! Come on, don’t deny it, you know very well you do! Fortunately for you, there’s no shortage of women jackets and coats! You can go in pretty much any store now and find one. But is it so simple and easy to pick the right jacket? Not really! Since there are loads of styles and colors available, buying the coat or jacket that fits you the best is a complicated task.

One of the ways to help you with this, is to just pick a certain basic style and start narrowing down the selection from there. Do you know what the difference is between, say, a bomber, a leather jacket or a fleece pull over? And when I’m talking about bombers, I’m not referring to World War II bombers! I will show you the differences in just a minute!

1. The fleece jacket

Not too expensive and pretty simple. Go ahead and buy one right now! You have to have it in your closet! But bear in mind that, given the fact that there are so many colors and styles, you need to pick at least a couple of them from each category that would be perfect for any situation or occasion.

Usually, fleece is warm and gentle and it will make you feel comfortable. It can be washed in a machine and can also be dried in a tumble dryer (on the low setting). When you wash it, turn it inside out so as to keep the material from forming those fuzz balls.

2. The bomber jacket

Hey, if they’re perfect for men, they can be perfect for you as well, don’t you think? Bomber jackets are made of leather (most of the times), or some other materials, such as cloth or even fake leather. Those authentic ones are a bit shorter than a fleece jacket, because they are modeled after a real bomber jacket, like the ones that where worn be bomber pilots in World War II (hence, the name).

They might include a hood, with real or fake fur linings.

3. The leather and denim jacket

Another type of women jackets and coats is the leather and denim one. These are pretty popular even nowadays. They are insulated with wool or fur and will provide great protection against wind or cold. You can find them in shorter or longer designs. The main difference between a leather jacket and a denim jacket is that the ones which are made of leather, have buttons, while denims have zippers.

Now that you have some information and know a little bit more than before about women jackets and coats, what are you waiting for? Go shopping! Go out there and pick your favourite coat! Doesn’t have to be an expensive or flashy one. It’s just a piece of clothing.

Yes, you want to look good, but don’t overdo it! Sometimes, nice and simple would go a much longer way than expensive and vulgar!

Do you know what women want for Christmas

As they say “‘Tis the season to be jolly“, right? Yes, it’s that time of the year again, folks. It’s winter, it’s snowing, we’ve just celebrated Thanksgiving and survived the Black Friday.

At least, that’s what I hope! If you’ve been shopping in a brick and mortar store during the Black Friday madness, I hope you got out of there alive!

I just don’t seem to wrap my mind around this BF craze! Every year, hundreds, if not thousands of people become a horde of mindless zombies, bent on trampling others down in order to get a hold of some cheap, no-name made in China product! But that’s just me, maybe there’s something that I miss here. Anyway, let’s get over this Black Friday stuff and get back to the main topic of this article, shall we?

So, as I was saying, winter holidays, especially Christmas, are around the corner. It’s time to whip your wallet or credit card up and start shopping. I’m pretty sure you have a big list of things to get for all your loved ones: brothers, sisters, parents, relatives, friends and so on. It’s not always easy to decide what gift would be appropriate for a person, but you have to push on and do it.

Speaking of this, we have to admit the fact that, sometimes, it’s quite a challenge to go out and shop for Christmas gifts for women. I mean, you have a good idea about what your father or brother would like to get this year, but how about your sister, mom, girlfriend or wife? This right here is the tricky part!

You can’t just buy some crappy, cheap gift and expect them to like it! That wouldn’t be nice! I’m not saying you should break the bank and get your lady a Lamborghini, but you should spend some time and look for the right present for here, so to make sure she will really like it. Therefore, what items would I recommend you to buy this Christmas?

Well, first of all, I would like to start off with jewelries. Women usually go nuts about them. Ok, maybe “nuts” is too much, but I think you get the point here. Any woman likes to have at least a couple of jewelries which she can wear on different occasions. So, you shouldn’t fail to impress a lady with a fine necklace, a ring, a pendant or a pair of earrings.

Remember, fine doesn’t necessarily mean expensive! It’s the intention that counts, not just the jewelry itself. Depending on your budget, you can find jewelries that are under 100 bucks online pretty easily. And let me tell you, they look good.

Of course, there are many online stores you can visit, including Here you can find an even bigger selection of fine jewelries. Just check out their best sellers list and I’m sure you’ll find the right gift for your mom, sister, girlfriend or wife (

Now, what else would be the perfect present for a woman? A watch! It’s a great choice for those of you who are having troubles thinking of a right gift for women. If you’re in doubt about other items, just go for a watch! For example, there’s this black Timex watch on Amazon that you can check out .



I don’t think it’s expensive at all, but it is very stylish. Want some more ideas? Why not try buying a perfume, a handbag, or some specially designed gloves for smartphones? Oh, you didn’t know such gloves exist? Well, they do! And they are perfect for very cold weather, as we all hate taking our gloves off and expose our fingers to the unforgiving cold and/or snow every time we want to use our mobile phones, right?

Last but not least, cosmetics (other than perfumes or deodorants) should do well as a gifts, too. There are so many gifts for christmas ideas for women out there, so I’m sure you will find the ones that will make the women in your life very happy. Start digging for them right now, don’t waste your time any longer!


Happy shopping!

2014’s most popular fashion accessories for women

I don’t know what men think about fashion and I don’t know if they are really all that concerned about it, but I can assure you that ladies, on the other hand, always want to be on the lookout for the newest and best fashion trends.

Of course, we all know that stereotype which says that women are pretty much fashion addicts. Some might be, indeed, but others just want to look good, no matter what they do and where they go, so it’s natural for them to want to have the latest and greatest fashion accessories.

An ancient philosopher once said that, at least in his opinion, the woman is one of the most amazing creations of God. Yes, if you are a woman, then you really have some big shoes to fill! Basically, you need to be a living proof of such a statement. You have to be presentable, therefore, you need to know which are the latest trends in fashion.

Because if you don’t, you will be left behind. Times change very fast in today’s world, and what was once cool and must-have, it might already be obsolete by the next month. So, as you can see, it’s kind of like technology: you think you have the most badass smartphone now, but in just a few short months, it will be history!

Now, going back to fashion, women are very aware of the fact that not just the clothes they wear matter, but also the accessories they use. All those designer bags, jeweleries, purses and shoes, have to look great on you and must be very trendy. Also, they have to fit the the clothes you wear, otherwise other people might look at you like you’re some sort of a nutball or something.

Let’s face it, we all know why women like fashion accessories: they not only make them beautiful, but they also make them stand out from the crowd! Isn’t this what we all want, in the end? Ok, maybe not all of us want to be in the spotlight all the time, but some do, so we shouldn’t take this from them. So, there’s one question that, probably, many of you might ask yourself right now: which are the most popular fashion accessories of 2014?

Well, I made a short list of things you should be taking a look at. And I would like to start off with jeweleries. Ah, right, the magic word. Ladies, you like jeweleries, don’t you? Of course you do, those little (or big) and shiny objects made out of silver or gold are a real magnet for you. Don’t get me wrong, it’s no problem if you are in love with jeweleries. Let me ask you, what do like most, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings or watches?

No matter what you like, here are some of the most popular ones from 2014: the single earring at Celine, the fringed bracelets (from Chloe), the crystal flowers necklace from Dolce & Gabbana, the crystal collar from Givenchy, the tribal collars from Etro or the bonbon bracelets from Gucci.

These are just a small fraction of the jeweleries you can buy, if you want to find even more (we don’t have enough room to list them all here), just go to and search for the latest trends in jeweleries for 2014!

Number two on our list of the most popular fashion accessories are the purses and handbags. You know you can’t really do without one if you are a woman! You have so many things to carry around, so you definitely need a classy purse or a handbag to put them in to. Big or small, it should do its job and it should also look good. Remember, you want to stand out from the crowd, not to go along with it! So, what recommendations I have for this category?

Well, again, I will give just a few examples from which you can choose: the kate spade New York “cobble hill-bee” wristlet, the Rebecca Minkoff “Medium MAB” tote, the Longchamp “Large Le Pliage” tote, the Street Level reversible faux leather tote and wristlet or the Tory Burch “York” buckle tote.

Finally, we have one more item on our list: the shoes and/or the sandals. They all come in various designs, styles or shapes, so there should be a pair of shoes fit for every pretty lady out there. But then again, we know that women like to have more than one pair of shoes, right? Well, in this case, here are a few you might want to buy or at least take a look at: the flat sandal (such as the ones from Christian Louboutin, K. Jacques or Stella McCartney), the ballet flats (Repetto The Cendrillion Croched Lace Ballet Flats, Salvatore Ferragamo Varina Leather Ballet Flats or the Anniel Leather Ballet Flats), the “man-dals” (River Island light blue cross strap mule sandals, Zara leather bio with jewels etc.), the block heels (Zara leather wide heel sandal or the Tabitha Simmons Leticia sandals, to name just a couple of them) or the mules (Gianvito Rossi leather mules, Aperlai muels and clogs, Rupert Sanderson bignor high heel mules etc.).


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What is the future of the designer handbags

Just like any other fashion accessory, the designer bags have given us a lot of surprises over the last years. They haven’t remained the same, they’ve evolved. But the only thing that hasn’t changed is this: all women are in love with them. They were in the past, they are now and they will be in the future too, no question about that!

Some trends have changed over time, others have remained pretty much the same. If we take look at history, it will tell us exactly what has changed and why exactly has it changed as time passed. This days, lots of fashion houses are faced with leather shortages, a thing which definitely contributes to the ever rising prices of designer handbags.

Of course, just these shortages alone aren’t the only ones which have directly influenced the rise of designers handbags’ prices. There are more factors which need to be taken in to account. So will the prices go any higher than it are now? And what are the other changes that we are going to witness in the future?

I’m not really sure what will happen exactly in the future, since there’s no one on this planet who can predict the future, but I think I have a general idea, if I am to base my opinion on what happened in the past and what happens now.

In about twenty years or so, I’m relatively sure there’s going to be a new material on the market from which the designer handbags will be made. So, the bags will change. Also, we know that the fashion of the handbags is different each season. But one thing that it is constant about this market is innovation.

For example, today we use bamboo in producing handbags. Just a few years ago, using this raw material was completely new stuff. So, in the next 20 years, maybe we will see lots of changes when it comes to the materials used to make handbags. Maybe we will see bags made of plastic or paper. Anything is possible!

I’m sure that, also, a new type of bag will be available in stores and will become famous. There are loads of types of bags which have emerged in the last years, so why wouldn’t this trend continue in the future as well? Remember, there were no cross-body bags just a few years ago. Now they are pretty common things!

Last but not least, people are becoming more and more accustomed with shopping online. Twenty years from now, probably everybody will be doing his or her shopping on the internet. So anyone will be able to find any handbag he or she desires with ease and have it shipped at their doorstep!

How to Dress to Impress

You can take in consideration three methods:
1.Lay the Foundation
2.Find Your Fashion style
3.Make It Happen

They say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but fashion nowadays is not only for the privileged ones and it is very useful to follow a few rules when it comes to your personal look. Anyone can pay a little bit more attention to the way he/she dresses. With all the information you’ll receive in this article, it’s easier than you think to start taking a few steps in the right direction. It can bring you confidence and a fashionable wardrobe too.

Method 1 of 3: Lay the Foundation

wardrobe1.Organize your wardrobe a little bit. Get out all your clothes and decide which ones you want and don’t want. Donate, sell, organize an exchange between you and your friends with anything that you haven’t worn in a year or two, doesn’t fit or isn’t your style anymore.
If you haven’t worn it in a year or two, you may not miss it but if you feel you can’t give it up, just try to adjust it by yourself or turn to tailoring. Thinking “I could need this one day maybe!” will leave you with your dressing room filed with stuff that are unnecessary. Clean it out, it’s for the best! Someone else could enjoy and benefit out of it.
If you have tones of items that don’t go with fashion anymore, don’t keep them all to be hopeful. Keep a few of your favorites, but the rest of it must disappear as soon as possible. Keep in mind that a closet full of clothes that don’t fit can be very de-motivating.

2.Find out your body type. And dress according to to it. The most fashionable items in the world at the moment won’t look that grate on you if you don’t have the right body type for it. That doesn’t necessary mean you’re too fat, too thin, too tall, or too short, it means you just don’t have the right shape for that cut.
Dispose of everything that doesn’t fit you perfectly. And you’ll know as you try it. If your silhouette doesn’t look quite as it could be, odds are you don’t wear it so don’t buy it just to keep it in your closet.
So next time when you go shopping, keep your body type in mind. For most women, it’s ideal to draw in at the waist, bust or elongate the leg but there are lots of tricks that visually helps. If you get stuck, you can always ask a sales professional; it’s their job to help you look good and they will tell you exactly what fits you best.

take a good look in the mirror.

3.You should take a good look in the mirror. Try to look at yourself as objectively as possible. Think about those issues in your physical appearance that you like and dislike. What do you want to hide? What do you want to emphasize? What’s the color that matches your skin or eyes?
It’s important to figure out the answers to these questions before you go shopping so you know what to look for! If you haven’t a clue, shopping for a new wardrobe can be chaotic and probably you won’t get much out of it.

Method 2 of 3: Find Your Fashion

personal style1.Know your personal style. You probably already have one but if you don’t, you can ask someone you trust to describe it for you. Most of the time, people have different styles for eg.Sporty and Casual. So what do you like? Do you want to incorporate some trendy items into your wardrobe, or do you prefer a classic look? Do you have hipster or emo tendencies? Want to be a professional? Or maybe you’re the type that just go with the flow? Either way, to be fashionable does not mean adhering to a specific look. It means finding what you’re comfortable in and running with it.
You can eater spend time flipping through catalogs, surfing websites that feature and sell clothes or take a walk in clothing stores . There are tons of different beautiful pieces that will look phenomenal on you-it’s just a matter of finding them.
Ultimately, clothes that you love and feel good in will be worn more confidently by you. It has less to do with today’s fashion and more to do with how you present yourself, though both are intertwined.

2.Consider context. Where you live, where you go and what you do are major factors in dressing fashionably. If you wear an evening dress to the office, that is not fashionable at all. If you wear a business suit to the prom, it may be hilarious too. Think about what kind of clothing is appropriate for what occasion and pay attention to the part of the day you’re wearing it.
Fashion always varies. What’s popular on a runway in Milan may not have made it to the streets of Chicago. Whatever fashion you’re aiming for, finding what you love and what looks good on you is imperative, regardless of where it’s from or who originated it.

Method 3 of 3: Make It Happen

star shopping1.Start shopping. A good idea is to buy long-lasting pieces that will retain their class throughout the seasons, even if it may seem expensive. That is a good deal, trust me. Fashion changes extremely quickly so don’t fill your wardrobe with things that won’t be appropriate the same time next year; you’ll just regret buying it at some point. Every women needs half the items that she has in her wardrobe. Find your favorite and start matching it with missing pieces of the puzzle that is your outfit.
In the context of what flatters your body, find a handful of variable pieces you need the most. A classic white button-down, a favorite pair of flatteringly-cut jeans, boots, one sexy skirt and a sweater, for starters. You can mix and match these items all the way you want for dozens of different looks.
2.Shop more. Now that you know the basics and how to start, it’s time to have fun! Buy some great shoes, cute accessories and get a new haircut to go with your new look!

Note that you must “Put on your accessories, then take off one before leaving.” true: accessories are great to all together. A necklace, bracelet, earrings, rings, watch, sunglasses, and hat are a bit much so pick a couple of accessories to go with each outfit; don’t go overboard.
road to shopping3.Ask your girl-friend to go shopping with you. It’s always good to have an outsider’s perspective, especially a friend to make the time pass by more quickly. Bring along someone who will give you well-formulated critiques regarding your clothes. Remember how you see yourself may not be the best perspective for you but don’t rush into agreeing with every advice ether. After all her style is her style, not yours. But if you notice that your friend is absolutely excited about one outfit and you don’t see it, take a moment to look again to see if you can find what she sees. Your mind may open up to a brand new style.

Must-have fashion trends for a perfect beachy season

Summer is already here and the heat leads us to the sea, to pools and to the beach. If you want to look chic and glamorous in this joyful beachy season, you should know what type of design details, colors and accessories you should wear. You have to get these must have accessories, regardless of what style and combo you would pick!

cat eye sunglasses

If we talk about cool and stylish outfits for this summer, Cat-Eye Sunglasses are a popular accessory placed on top of the must-have fashion trends. They can greatly complete any type of style and combination and you can wear them with anything, due to their vast range of compatibility that suit various face shapes.

Another important and versatile option for sunglasses is the Mirrored Sunglasses. They represent a mega trend and they should not be missing from your wardrobe this summer. Experiment with the shades and choose the cool mirrored glasses for a high fashion outfit.

Turquoise accessories are a mega-trend this summer.  Wear turquoise earrings, bracelets and necklaces, choose clothes, shoes or bags with turquoise details and you will produce a great impression anywhere!

turquoise accessory

The Fringed details will make your outfit more impressive and fashionable. Wear dresses, skirts, bags and accessories with fringe details and you will perfectly complete both of your day and night outfits for this summer.

On the list of the hottest summer fashion trends, the floral details have a significant place. You can use them on everything: to accessorize your hairstyle, floral details for your skirts, pants, dresses, tops, shoes, bags and even watches and jewelry. Use your imagination and complete your chic look with these versatile flower details.

When it comes to bags, the glamorous and chic clutches will offer you a sizzling outfit this summer. They can be found in many styles and shapes, being compatible with numerous styles and garments. Use a colorful clutch for a fashionable look or have a fringed clutch to look playful and trendy on any occasion.

Picking red, yellow or blue shades for your rings, bracelets and earrings will make you look even more stylish. Brightly colored accessories are a stunning trend for this summer, so combine them with your favorite dress and shoes to turn heads wherever you may go.

But you can also select sweet pastel shades to obtain an awesome look. Combine pastel crop tops with leggings or pastel purses with pastel heels and wearing this summer outfits you will look stylish and remarkable.

All of these trends are great to provide you a fashionable appearance this summer. Combine the styles, designs and colors and get the most amazing outfits!

Discover the most desired summer handbag trends

You know that style is in the bag. Because summer is here, let’s take a look on the summer 2014 handbag trends, what combinations should we use and what are the most popular bags from the best fashion houses.

This summer, the bags collections of greatest fashion houses were dominated by the medium sized handbags. Presented in numerous forms, from cross-body types and hand-held options to medium sized frame bags and even bigger handbags, the collections of the fashion designers come to meet all the tastes and preferences in matter of bags.

The handheld and small chic seems to be the most preferred and fascinating trend that should not be missing from your wardrobe. This type of handbag is very cute and stylish option that could greatly complement a business outfit as well as for an everyday occasion, but you can also wear it on a chic party. Versace, Rochas, Prada, Diane Von Furstenberg and Missoni have some spectacular handheld bags that will certainly convince you to get one for yourself.

Although the strap bags have the size and design similar to handheld bags, the longer strap allows you to wear it as a shoulder bag when you do not want to simply hold it with your hands. Marni, Chloé and Diane Von Furstenberg created some sophisticated strap bags that will make you look twice at them.

 Chanel Bag

The chic frame bag is the comfy, cool and creative option that has a versatile character and is definitely one of the major trends of this summer. Being medium sized and having an elegant design, the frame bag is excellent for walks, is suites perfectly a business outfit and you can wear it for everyday purposes. Check the collections of Balenciaga, Mulberry and Chanel and you will be amazed of their frame bags.

versace kelly bag

The Kelly bag is a more comprehensive and stylish variant of frame bags. Jason Wu and Versace have created some outstanding Kelly bags that you can wear it not only for business or leisure, but you can also take them with you in trips or when going shopping.

Another popular trend this summer is Tote bag. Actually, it seems like this trend will never get out of fashion. Being big sized, comfortable to use and having a unique style, a tote bag is perfect to carry all the poolside accessories and your cosmetics, but you can also use it to complement an everyday look. The collections of Christian Dior and Valentino have some amazing tote bags that you should not miss.

A cool and interesting principle noticed during fashion shows is matching the design, style and color of your handbags with your garments. Designs and textures are extremely important, so choose bags with glittery details, metallic vibes, vibrant colors and geometric patterns. Breads, velvet, fringes, studs and crystals were excellent details of bags from the summer collections of Fendi, Christian Dior, Valentino, Diane Von Furstenberg or Etro.

The colorful interpretations with the most incredible and diverse design patterns are definitely a must for this summer handbag trends. Complete your wardrobe with these amazing bags and you will certainly look sensational this summer.

Printed skirts for a perfect outfit this summer

If you are wondering what kind of skirt is the fashion trend of this summer, well, print is the answer.  Designers have used a lot of interesting prints, patterns and textures in order to provide us the best collections of printed skirts to wear in the summer of 2014.

Prints are generally preferred during all seasons. In the autumn-winter trend, the strict geometrical patterns colored in neutral shades seem to be the most common prints. But in the spring-summer trends, everybody chooses colorful and vibrant patterns, with unusual sizes and shapes.

Floral print skirts are already a must have of this summer. Dressed with a floor length skirt, you will certainly create a statement, but if your skirt has a bald floral pattern, you will draw everyone’s attention. Bella Thorne is one of the stars who have worn a long floral skirt and she has definitely turned heads.

When selecting a floral print, you have to remember that small patterns combined with light colors are best for types of bodies with fine thighs. Large patterns with dark shades are suited for types of bodies with large hips. Also, you should keep in mind to combine the shade of pattern with the central color of your look.

Animal prints maintain their position in the preferences of designers so you can easily wear a printed skirt from last year’s collections and accessorize it with jewelry or sun glasses of current collections. Although animal prints are still trendy and popular, this year neon, brilliant, vibrant and unnatural colors are the most favorite shades.

When choosing a leopard print skirt, bear in mind the shape of your body and remember that vibrant, light colors quickly draw attention. If you have voluptuous thighs, wear prints with classic dark colors combined with a top in lighter shades. This way you will balance your outfit while you will still be able to wear your amazing printed skirt and look fabulous, as well.

houndstooth-skirt-art2One of this season’s print craze are the triangles, grids, concentric circles and other geometric prints. Stripe, plaid, houdstooth and rhomb represent basic pattern for this summer’s collections. If you want to know what you should choose, you have to keep in mind the shape of your body and these tips: if you have rounded hips, select skirts with rhombus, plaid or houndstooth. Select horizontal stripes and houndstooth for a slim, athletic body and, if your hips are actually wider than your shoulders, choose skirts with dark colors and thin vertical strips that will suit you most.

Tiny details make a significant difference. Accessorize your printed skirt with a nice belt, a pretty top or with your favorite jewelry and you will certainly make a great impression!

Find out the best ways to wear a white dress this summer

The latest fashion news for the summer of 2014 comes in a pretty monochromatic package. This season white is the most popular color – or non color -, so there is not piece of clothing or accessory left untouched by this cool shade: skirts, dresses, tops, pants, shoes, bags and even jewelry.

The best part about wearing white this season is that it greatly emphasizes your tan. Derek Lam,Ralph Rucci, Phillip Lim, Thakoon, Carolina Herrera, Victoria Beckham, Marc Jacobs, Cesar Galindo, Alexander Wang are only a few of the designers who have chosen this chic, refreshing color for their new collections.

gwyneth munich white dress

Even more, nothing expresses summer like a fresh all-white appearance. And because dresses seem to be the most popular items of clothing this summer, you have plenty of options to select the white dress which suits you most. A white dress is perfect for a weekend at the beach, a cocktail party, for office and for special occasions, as well.

Shift dresses, evening dresses, strapless, draped, tank, mini dresses or maxi dresses, all you have to do is select the white dress for your body type and for your budget.

white dressFollow the example offered by Jennifer Aniston and select a white evening dress to feel ultraelegant, chic, sexy and fresh. This kind of dress is best for all body types, because it beautifully skims the curves and shows a little tanned skin. But you can also cover up, choosing dresses that float away from the body and you can even emphasize your best parts, with a dress that has an open back or a lower neckline.

A white evening dress creates and emphasizes the curves, being also comfortable and representing one of the must have trends of the summer of 2014. But do not wear it to a wedding and avoid accessorizing it with overtly lacy details, so you will not look too bridal.

A white shift dress has a breezy shape and it is just perfect for these hot summer days. Highlighting your tanned arms while not defining a waist nor hugging the curves, a white shift dress is best suited for an athletic body, such as Gwyneth Paltrow, this minimalist beauty. This type of white dress will effortlessly make you look elegant and chic, being a perfect outfit for almost any kind of occasion.

A white strapless dress may be worn just about anywhere and you can accessorize it perfectly with your favorite statement necklaces. Revealing your shoulders and arms, this type of dress balances your shape if you are not pleased about your lower body and has the amazing effect of drawing attention on your upper body.

Tank dresses, maxi dresses or mini dresses, you can wear all kinds of dresses this summer, as long as they are white. Emphasize your dress with the perfect jewelry, bags and shoes and you will certainly make a splash wherever you will show up!