The Hickies elastic shoelaces are the perfect replacement for the conventional ones

A pair of good shoes completes the ‘gentleman look’. A good pair of shoes is one that would not only fit perfectly but also allows the wearer to feel comfortable. The shoes should adjust to the movement of the feet. When you talk about shoes, the topic of shoelaces should always find a mention. This contraption keeps the shoes as well as the feet in place.

Of course, you can find shoes without shoelaces as well. They form part of a different story. We shall restrict our scope of discussion to the shoes that require shoelaces to fasten them up. This would now bring up the question of the function of the shoelaces.

Conventional shoelaces: Their functions
Shoelaces perform the seemingly simple function of fastening the shoes to our feet. Is it as simple as that? The answer should be both a YES as well as an NO. Yes, because that precisely is the function of the shoelaces. You wear your shoes, tie up your laces, and off you go. The laces have their benefits. They have their drawbacks as well.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the conventional shoelaces is that they become loose frequently. You have to keep on re-fastening them. It can be a tough as well as an embarrassing job for you at times. It may happen that you or someone else might just step on the ends of the laces causing it to unfasten. This can happen at the most inopportune moment as well. It can also happen that your shoelaces may snap at any time causing a great deal of discomfort dragging the loose shoe all the way home.

The solution:
Is there a solution to this problem? Yes, there are shoes that do not have shoelaces. However, you would find difficulty in finding the perfect fit. There has been the use of ‘Velcro’ as well. However, they make many sounds and look quite ungainly as well.

There is a new technique available today known as the ‘Hickies responsive lacing system’. This system uses a shoelace type of a contraption made from a memory-fit Elastomer compound. This is a synthetic compound having qualities of elasticity as well as viscosity. People commonly call this the elastic shoe laces.

The uniqueness of the Elastomer:
The viscosity and the elasticity features of this contraption make it expand as well as contract with every foot movement you make. The elastic shoelaces for shoes are not the conventional type of laces. You do not have one piece of Elastomer material going through all the eyelets of the shoes, as you would find so with the conventional laces. There would be individual components for each pair of eyelets. Each strap works independently of the others. Thus even if one pair snaps out, the shoes do not become loose. This has solved one issue of the conventional lacing system.

You have seen a major drawback of the conventional lacing system. You have also seen its solution in the form of the Hickies responsive lacing system. This is the new trend catching up in today’s times.

Safety Considerations When Ordering Hey Dude Shoes Online

All of us spend a lot of time searching and screening our shoes because we know what will happen if we fail to make the right choices. Regardless of whether we are purchasing canvas shoes, summer shoes or formal shoes, we need to ensure that we have the best and the most comfortable shoes available in the market. Today online stores make the whole process of ordering our favourite shoes simple and easy. We can order all the top brands easily online and place our orders in just few simple clicks. One of the top brands that has been stealing the market lately is Hey Dude. These shoes are reported to be very comfortable and also stylish. Many online retailers today market this brand online. Even though it is easy to order your shoes online, before you go ahead to order your shoes online, you need to take into account certain safety considerations so that you are not putting yourself in a vulnerable situation at any point of time.

When you order your shoes from a reputed retailer, you will be able to assure yourself genuine products. The market is flooded with fakes regardless of the brands you choose and in particular the most popular brands. You will be paying the price of original branded shoes but getting fakes if you are not cautious in choosing your retailers. If it is a fake product then you could not possibly expect the same level of comfort that you will get from the original branded shoes. You would have chosen a particular brand precisely because you want comfortable shoes. Do not order your shoes from unwarranted sources.

At another level, when you order your shoes online, you need to make certain that your credit card details are safe. You should be able to order your shoes online with complete peace of mind. After ordering, your order should be delivered in a timely fashion. Here again the reputation and the credibility of your online seller plays a very important role. Some of them do not carry their inventory. They just have a website and act as drop-shippers without having any inventory of their own. As a result, they may not be able to give you any assurances on the delivery timeline. In other words, they do not have any control over the merchandise. You need to be cautious therefore and have a clear understanding on the nature of the retailers that you are dealing with so that you know what to expect.

Does your online retailer provide good customer service? Are they easily accessible? You should be able to reach your retailer easily so that if there are any issues with the shoes that they deliver or wrong delivery of the order, you can have the problem resolved without much struggle or confusion. When you want to order your shoes next time, do not get carried away with the prices and the images you see online.

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How to dress to chill this ’16 summer?

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “summer”? Maybe a beautiful beach, a lovely sunset or just a huge need of ice. No matter how you picture summer, fashion comes to help you look good!

Check out these 3 situations in which we play with the summer 2016 trends in fashion.

1. Are you an office person?

We know that money makes the world go round and some of us are caught up in the office even during the hot summer days. In order to spend your working hours in a comfortable and fresh outfit, you can try a petite rucksack from a natural material like linen. Don’t worry! A small and cute rucksack works perfectly with summer dresses! Try a dress with an A or straight line, take the rucksack on your back and hop to work! Don’t be shy about warm colors! Nuances like grey, lilac gray, mint green, corai or even vanilla are perfect for summer working days. And you’ll be in the super summer 2016 trends, looking all fashionable and glamorous.

Hey, do you think we would neglect men? Oh, no!
This summer, we have for the boys working hard, simple and soft materials like linen and cotton. Both these materials are perfect for high temperature days because your skin can breath freely! You should be able to find shirts and trousers made out of cotton and linen in more conservative colors, too like bleumarin, navy green, grey, iced coffee and so on.

2. Are you a student?

Well, students in the summer. Most of them are free like birds or crying over exam papers. But seriously, when you are done with tough studying, don’t you just feel the need to chill?
Go crazy with warm colors like fiesta, limpet shell, buttercup, peach echo or rose quartz color. Choose dresses, shirts or skirts made out of thin and easy fiber, like voile, linen or cotton.
You can still choose the retro style because it didn’t leave the summer 2016 trends in fashion. Even more we go way beyond time, straight to the ’20s. Maxi dresses, rompers or jumpsuits are perfect for an easy and fresh outfit.

3. Are you just…you?

Summer 2016 trends are about creativity, personality and imagination. The summer 2016’s trends are floral, warm colors, wind-carried materials, stripes and polka dots so you should be able to find your fashion rhythm now. If you are passionate about a particular culture and fashion style, you can adapt those styles to your summer needs. For example, if you are crazy about Arabian romantic stories like 1001 nights, try a mint, pepper and citrus mix for a perfume and wear the well-known salvari, or baggy-trousers. They look good on any type of body and they let the skin breath. You almost feel naked!

Even if you want to ignore big colors and just go monochrome, stripes and dots will give you the summer chill you seek. But be careful with stripes! Vertical for “overweight” people and horizontal for “underweight” people.

This summer go crazy in fashion! It’s legal!

Plan your outfit and tells us in the comments how fancy you feel!

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Benefits of Getting a High Waisted Bikini

The sun is out and the beach looks tempting…but something is stopping you from shedding off those clothes and taking a dip in the cool blue waters, or lying down on the sand for that beautiful tan. Do you feel that your bikini does not suit your figure and makes you look unattractive? If this is the case, then a high waisted bikini is a perfect solution for you!

No matter what your size, you are still gorgeous and should be comfortable to flaunt your body in a sexy bikini. High waist bikini swimsuits are most suited for the plus-sized. Nowadays, numerous sports and clothing companies manufacture bikinis that are specially designed for women with large frames and look good on them. These apparels are fashioned to complement the non-slim body type. Here are some of the reasons why a high waisted bikini will look fabulous on you:


These bikinis are made of stretchable and breathable fabric and offer exceptional comfort. They allow enough airflow to let you move freely and with ease. If you wear bikinis made of heavy cloth, it would cause you to sweat a lot in the humid beach heat. Excessive perspiration can be very irritating and will make you uneasy. Therefore, it is essential that you only choose the bikinis made with breathable fabric.


High waisted bikinis are available in very stylish designs these days. Gone are the days of the monochrome two-piece swimsuits, ladies are now experimenting with both fabrics and patterns to flaunt not just their bodies but also their persona. Be it the bikinis in floral or animal prints or polka dotted and denim pattern swimwear, you can surely find something that fits your style and looks chic. Not just the plus-sized, even the celebrities like Taylor Swift and Katie Perry are donning these swimsuits because of their trendy and vintage look. This type of swimwear is in vogue always and never goes out of fashion.


This is perhaps the biggest reason why these bikinis are so much in demand. A high waisted bikini simply hides those love angles, tummy flab and large waistline and allows a slimming effect for all the unflattering areas of your body. With waist straps and high coverage, these bikinis tuck the excess flab on the abdomen area and make you look slimmer, sexier and stunning!

Broader Coverage

As high waist bikinis are especially designed with plus sized women in mind, they also offer a broader coverage for the bikini area. This protects your crotch from getting sun-burned and secures that sensitive area from any unwanted creatures or grime, while swimming in the sea.

Do not fret this summer, all you need is a bit of excitement, confidence, coolness, and a flattering bikini and you are all set for a beach getaway. With its guaranteed style, comfort and suitable coverage, these stunning high waisted bikinis will make you ready for the next beach party!

Faearch, an online fashion search engine offering latest collection of men and women’s clothing, footwear and accessories such as plus size lingerie sets, high waisted bikini swimsuits, cocktail dresses, leather jackets & coats, bags, shoes, watches, jewellery and much more from leading fashion brands.

What are the New Fashion Trends in 2016

With this New Year, it’s time to update your closet and reinvent yourself. This year 2016, get some quality pieces in your wardrobe. To help you welcome the new style and trends, here are some upcoming styles that you can expect to see all year. Let’s go through some fashion trends and news update that will help you get the perfect look this year.

1. Culottes
This sophisticated pant is a must have in your wardrobe this season. It can be tucked with any blouse that may be hidden in your closet. You can strap on some stilettos with it and you’re ready to go for the party. You can pose for some best fashion photographers in India wearing this.

2. Off-the-Shoulder Neckline
Off-the-shoulder dresses are the most preferred ones, when you want something comfortable and stylish too. Whether you want a dress for everyday street style or runway, these dresses will perfectly meet your requirements. You can pair it with an oversized statement necklace for the perfect look.

3. Bomber Jacket
This year you can expect the bomber jacket to take a new twist. Get the jacket in your wardrobe and pair it with a pair of black jeans. You can also wear it over a sexy dress and with wedged sneaker for a unique sportswear look.

4. Trench Vest
This trench vest is a perfect layering option for your favourite outfit. No matter whether you’re going for a meeting or for a lunch, you can pair this with a tunic dress, converse and sunglasses. You can also wear high heels for a more polished look.

5. Matching Sets
Do you think that wearing matching sets will make you look dull? If yes, you just need to forget it. You can try the sophisticated trend of wearing matching sets with nude high heels that will give you the perfect look and attitude.

6. Oversized Stripes
Some of the best fashion photographers in India prefer wearing oversized strips for that awesome photo. Pair it with a pleated maxi skirt or a tank top and the denim jacket to make the bold fashion statement. This trend is becoming very popular now.
Floral, monochrome, lace works are all popular on the jumpsuit. Jumpsuits vary in colors and patterns and are quickly becoming a part of women’s designer clothing collections from top brands in the country. Jumpsuits are extremely comfortable and here to stay for long. They are a perfect penetration of casual wear into the high fashion space and also score high in elegance and class. With or without accessories, jumpsuits look chic and super stylish on women with well-toned bodies.

Get the best among the latest trends that you can expect this year. You can look for more fashion trends and news update to collect the best in your wardrobe this season.

How you can buy the perfect gold earrings for womens

Humans started wearing earrings in ancient times, when earrings were considered primarily a male ornament. Apparently, Ancient Assyrians and Egyptians used this type of jewellery to show their socio-economic status.

The jewellery designs can range from small loops and studs to large plates and dangling items, but the size can be limited by the physical capacity of the earlobe to hold the earring without tearing.

Today, gold earrings are used by ladies with the purpose of complementing the shape of their face. Select earrings that are in tune with your tastes and personality. Don’t just buy a pair because it is in vogue, knowing that it is not the right colour or shape for you.

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Here are some tips about how you can choose the right gold earrings:

1. Face

Every woman wants jewelry that flatters her face. Since every face is different, it’s a good idea to find gold earrings for womens that goes well with one’s face shape, size, and skin tone. With gold earrings in particular, there are perfect options for every woman.

2. Durability

Though gold is not as durable as some industrial metals, gold earrings for womens are some of the most durable jewelry available. Both white gold jewelry and yellow gold jewelry can be worn daily, as gold wedding rings have proven. Earrings of all types sit near your face, so it is important to always look their best.

3. Sensitivity

Gold is a high-quality metal, and although it is sometimes alloyed with nickel and copper, it is less likely to cause allergies or pain in the earlobes than many other substances. Gold earrings for womens are unlikely to cause allergic reactions, so you can buy them with no worry.

4. Shine

Few metals match the beauty and luster of gold. Gold earrings for womens quickly draw attention to the face, and, whether you choose white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or two-tone earrings, you’ll be adding shiny luster to your earlobes.

5. Expense

The cost of a pair of gold earrings for womens can be determined by numerous facts, but especially by how much gold the jewellery contain.

6. Versatility

You may have some jewellery in your collection that can only be worn with a few different outfits. Gold earrings for womens are generally versatile enough to be worn with everything, making it a good investment.

Earrings are one of the most important accessories for a woman, so make a style statement wherever you go, be it on the beach or in the club!

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Trends you need to know for spring 2015

Even though the spring and the warm weather seems so far away, the time will go by quickly and you should be preparing your wardrobe. Fortunately, some of the 2014’s fashion trends will be wearable this spring too, so look in the closet too see what you can reuse.

Here are the most interesting 10 spring fashion trends this year:

1. Bridal white

For all the brides to be, 2015 is your lucky year. The spring/summer 2015 runways were filled with of a variety of gorgeous white hues on everything from mini-dresses to Victorian-era looks with a modern edge. Designers such as Luis Vuitton, Erdem or Givechy gave the spring hue a new life in their collections.

2. High shine metallics

Coming in many precious tones and with various finishes, the metallics appear to be stronger that ever. Spring 2015 saw the metallic silhouettes go from sporty, to slouchy and to perfectly tailored without even letting go of their emblematic high-shine.

3. Flare pants

With the ‘70s signing for such a major comeback in 2015, it was bound for at least some of its signature silhouettes to end up revamping the mood for spring.

4. Khaki tones

Popping up everywhere on the runways, khaki in all of its wonderful nuances, is the shade expected to add the needed amount of freshness to the upcoming spring season. From military to modern safari takes, expect to see this color everywhere you look.

5. Bold florals

In the past few years, floral prints was also contained to skirts and dresses, handbags, shoes or tops and pants, but this year the patterns are bigger and bolder than typically seen in the past. The easiest way to incorporate bold florals, is to pair a skirt or pants with light, almost sheer top to counteract the visual weight of the bold print.

6. Gingham patterns

Gingham is the new black! Seeing how every season needs its own individual hallmark, the gingham pattern acts as the perfect one for spring 2015. Dipped in the softest pastel tones, the tiny checks do an amazing job in dressing down feather-weight fabrics that scream of spring nonchalance.

7. Denim

This fabric becomes a thing of pure luxury for spring 2015! Embellished, waged out, mold into ladylike silhouettes or playing out its comfortable core, there is no doubt that denims it’s a must have this season.

8. Romantic bohemian

This spring, expect an avalanche of flawy, dreamy, irresistible silhouettes! For this season the bohemian sentiments are reimagined to carry an ultra-romantic aura.

9. Colored Suede

First was multicolored patchwork fur, and now that same desire for pops of color can be found on suede. Typically not a Spring staple, this material gets a cooled-down effect thanks to pastel purples and bold blues, and it even has crossover effects in reds and mustard yellows.

10. Power shoulders

Instead of adding shoulder pads to exude strength, this season’s designers thankfully packed away any notion of power suits and instead took the “less is more” approach with shoulder-baring looks.

What you should know about false eyelashes

Since ages, fashion of women has been the subject of many changes not only in clothing, but in accessories as well. From handbags and footwear to jewelry, from hair color to make-up and nails, the changes have always exited women. When it comes to make-up, the most interesting accessory is represented by the false eyelashes.

Almost every women i know love false eyelashes because it can really change your appearance. When you wear that fashionable accessory you look more classy and your eyes can be extremely hot. From full-on false eyelashes to individual ones, there is no better way to make you look more gorgeous.

Here is what you should know about buying and wearing false eyelashes.

Choosing the right shape

If you have smaller eyes, look for lashes that are thicker in the outer corner. This will add lift and length. For eyes that are wide set or have little or no crease, concentrate your lashes in the center of the eye. For deep-set eyes, you have to use longer lash strips so you can lengthen the eye. If the strips are too long, size them to your eye and then trim them down with cuticle scissors.

How you put them on

Squeeze a drop of false eyelashes adhesive on the back of your hand and use a special stick to lightly dab the glue to the lash. Wait about 15 seconds, then lay the strip on the outer edge of your eye, as close to the lash line as possible. Hold the false eyelashes with a tweezer on the outside corner and your thumb and index finger on the inner part. Look down and align the false eyelashes by focusing on the middle first, and then pressing down the ends.
Apply mascara to both your natural and fake eyelashes. Use 1 or 2 coats of mascara to blend.

How you take them off

To remove your false eyelashes, just take a Q-tip and soak it in some eye make-up remover. Swipe the Q-tip along your lash line back and forth a few times. You will start to notice the strip loosening from your lash line. Once the false lashes are pretty loose, use your thumb and index finger to gently pull it off.

Cleaning and storing

If you want to use the lashes in the future, you have to clean them gently. Use some make-up remover and a tissue to remove the remaining glue and mascara. Lightly wipe them repeatedly in the direction from band to tip of the lashes and then place them back on the plastic tray.

The history of the wristwatch

Humanity didn’t have a way to measure time ever since its beginning. In fact, when we were just cavemen and women, I don’t think we needed a watch or a clock. Why? No one really cared about what time it was. Nobody was in a hurry to go to school or to work, we were just concerned with putting food on the table for our families back then. Pretty much like today, but minus all the advancements in technology and all that…

We needed to hunt, we needed a shelter, we needed weapons. See, there was no place for watches here! Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on what you think about this topic), we’ve evolved. We’re no longer savages, hunting rats and mice with bows and arrows. Now we have fast-food, fancy cars, internet and we live in a proper home. No more caves, baby!

So naturally, as we’ve evolved over the years, we came to the conclusion that we had to start measuring time. That’s how clocks and watches have appeared. First, there were the clocks. Those big, heavy things, with big large dials. They are also know as “grandpa’s clocks”. Those have been around since the fifteenth century, but the wristwatch is a rather “newer” invention, from the 1880s.

First, they were only available for the military (as it usually happens with most of the gadgets and technologies we develop). So, obviously, soldiers were the first to wear them. The wristwatch was meant to replace the pocket watch, which would allow soldiers to see what time is it without having to keep their hands occupied with looking for that tiny pocket watch that was laying around somewhere in one of their coat’s pockets.

Some of the earlier wristwatch models were a bit too big and bulky, but by the 1930, their design was changed, making them more appropriate to be worn on the wrist. The real major breakthrough was achieved when we’ve discovered the quartz technology, which enabled us to replace mechanical wristwatch mechanisms with quartz, which is better, more efficient and more accurate.

The very first digital watch, which was powered by quartz technology, appeared back in 1970 and it also had an LED display. Talk about advancements in technology! Still, we can find both mechanical, as well as digital watches on the market, and all of them are usually available for both men and women.

Women’s watches are a bit smaller and have a slimmer band, while men’s watches have large dials and thicker bands. These bands are either metallic, made of plastic or made of leather. Some people prefer metal bands, while others like the more classic look of a leather band. Because men’s watches have larger dials than women’s watches, it is a bit easier for the manufacturers to place extra components in them, such as chronographs or calendars.

Of course, no matter to what type of watch we refer to, they have different purposes. Some are made to be worn on special occasions, rather than all day long. Usually, these are luxury watches, while others are more rugged and can be taken out when exercising or when scuba diving. Some can cope with dust, water, or big depths, while others are not meant to be put through such conditions, being more fragile.

Women’s watches and men’s watches can be bought either from regular brick and mortar stores, or from online retailers, such as, so in case you too want to get one, there’s plenty of them to choose from!

Good luck with shopping for the right watch!

Valentines Day gift ideas for women

Guys, it’s that time of the year again! What, don’t tell me you don’t know what I’m talking about here!? You gotta be kidding me! Or probably, you don’t have a girlfriend or a wife. If that’s the case, then you’re a lucky one! Because you don’t have to go out and start shopping for Valentines Day gifts. Yeah, you don’t have to tell me about it, it’s a tough time this February!

Usually, it’s a bit difficult to pick the right gift for a woman, even if you think you know that lady very well. But what should you do? Should you quit searching for the right gift to give her this Valentines Day? I wouldn’t say it’s a wise choice! Women like getting something this time of the year, as they do when it’s their birthday or Christmas.

So for the guys out there who are on the hunt for the most appropriate present for the woman in their lives, I decided to come up with a short list of about 5 top Valentines Day gift ideas for women. These are tried and tested and should do the work. Just make sure you add a little bit of your own touch to them for an even bigger “wow” effect!

1. Flowers and some chocolate

I think these two go hand in hand very well. Plus, they are also the classic Valentines Day gift you can give to your loved one. It’s no wonder their price goes up every damn February around this holiday! But that’s ok, you should be able to deal with it. Won’t cost you an arm and a leg in the end.

If you want to impress your lady, go for some red roses. And, of course, don’t forget about the chocolate! Heart shaped and cute, it’s Valentines Day!

2. Jewelry

Not as cheap as the flowers or the chocolate I was talking about, but definitely a gift which, I believe, will leave her speechless. Doesn’t have to be something way too fancy or with an insane price tag. You don’t have to break the bank. Remember, it’s all about picking something that shows the love you have for her without being distasteful. Yes, you can actually do this! So pay attention to what jeweleries you buy!

Make sure it’s something she will like. Before splashing the cash on anything, think about what she wears. Does she like necklaces? Or earrings? What color is her favorite? Does she like gold or silver? How about diamonds? See, there a few questions you need to answer yourself before buying a piece of jewelry. The last thing you want is to pay a lot of money on something she will hate and never even wear.

3. Gift certificate for a Spa

There’s no secret: women like being treated like queens. They like to be pampered, so a gift certificate for a health spa should be just about the perfect Valentines Day gift you can give to your lady. Some spa packages might be a little bit expensive than others, but should totally worth it! Think about what she will enjoy there: she’ll have her nails done, she’ll get a massage and anything else that is included and comes with the package you choose.

And while she is there, enjoying her day, you’re free to do whatever you like. Maybe go golfing or having a beer with friends. At least until she gets back home.

4. Sexy lingerie

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Don’t think I can add more. Usually, it’s us, men, who benefit more from this kind of gift than women. But still, it’s an interesting choice for Valentines Day for women. When you go out shopping for lingerie, make sure you buy her something that makes her sexy and comfortable! Can you do that?

5. A getaway

A romantic getaway, that is. You might not have enough money to take her somewhere really fancy (think Caribbean) without robbing a bank, but that shouldn’t stop you from surprising her with a nice getaway. Pick a place that’s in your budget range and take her there. Doesn’t matter if it’s closer or further away from home, just do it! Go spend a couple of days far away from the daily distractions, then come back home, batteries fully recharged and ready to take on whatever the life wants to throw at you!