Go for a Genuinely Created Leather Clutch Bag If You Want Durability

Clutch Bag Is Practically Handy for Ladies

Ladies generally love clutch bags, because of its useful nature. It’s very important for ladies to carry the diverse objects of personal use like the comb set, lipsticks, lip-glow, eyebrow brushes/pencils, etc. They always take care to take such items with them even while attending get-togethers or marriage functions. Big handbags will not suit for these purposes, because of the bulky nature. For occasions like a wedding reception or an evening party, one will need a much smaller and cuter handbag. This will be also useful for placing the mobile phone and handkerchiefs. Besides, smaller bags will be practically useful while going for shopping also for holding the bank cards or cash. Here pops up the practical significance of a clutch bag ( Bellorita/clutch-bag ). Women can carry the desired cosmetic items, mobile phone, mirror, etc., safely. (more…)

What is the future of the designer handbags

Just like any other fashion accessory, the designer bags have given us a lot of surprises over the last years. They haven’t remained the same, they’ve evolved. But the only thing that hasn’t changed is this: all women are in love with them. They were in the past, they are now and they will be in the future too, no question about that!

Some trends have changed over time, others have remained pretty much the same. If we take look at history, it will tell us exactly what has changed and why exactly has it changed as time passed. This days, lots of fashion houses are faced with leather shortages, a thing which definitely contributes to the ever rising prices of designer handbags.

Of course, just these shortages alone aren’t the only ones which have directly influenced the rise of designers handbags’ prices. There are more factors which need to be taken in to account. So will the prices go any higher than it are now? And what are the other changes that we are going to witness in the future?

I’m not really sure what will happen exactly in the future, since there’s no one on this planet who can predict the future, but I think I have a general idea, if I am to base my opinion on what happened in the past and what happens now.

In about twenty years or so, I’m relatively sure there’s going to be a new material on the market from which the designer handbags will be made. So, the bags will change. Also, we know that the fashion of the handbags is different each season. But one thing that it is constant about this market is innovation.

For example, today we use bamboo in producing handbags. Just a few years ago, using this raw material was completely new stuff. So, in the next 20 years, maybe we will see lots of changes when it comes to the materials used to make handbags. Maybe we will see bags made of plastic or paper. Anything is possible!

I’m sure that, also, a new type of bag will be available in stores and will become famous. There are loads of types of bags which have emerged in the last years, so why wouldn’t this trend continue in the future as well? Remember, there were no cross-body bags just a few years ago. Now they are pretty common things!

Last but not least, people are becoming more and more accustomed with shopping online. Twenty years from now, probably everybody will be doing his or her shopping on the internet. So anyone will be able to find any handbag he or she desires with ease and have it shipped at their doorstep!

Discover the most desired summer handbag trends

You know that style is in the bag. Because summer is here, let’s take a look on the summer 2014 handbag trends, what combinations should we use and what are the most popular bags from the best fashion houses.

This summer, the bags collections of greatest fashion houses were dominated by the medium sized handbags. Presented in numerous forms, from cross-body types and hand-held options to medium sized frame bags and even bigger handbags, the collections of the fashion designers come to meet all the tastes and preferences in matter of bags.

The handheld and small chic seems to be the most preferred and fascinating trend that should not be missing from your wardrobe. This type of handbag is very cute and stylish option that could greatly complement a business outfit as well as for an everyday occasion, but you can also wear it on a chic party. Versace, Rochas, Prada, Diane Von Furstenberg and Missoni have some spectacular handheld bags that will certainly convince you to get one for yourself.

Although the strap bags have the size and design similar to handheld bags, the longer strap allows you to wear it as a shoulder bag when you do not want to simply hold it with your hands. Marni, Chloé and Diane Von Furstenberg created some sophisticated strap bags that will make you look twice at them.

 Chanel Bag

The chic frame bag is the comfy, cool and creative option that has a versatile character and is definitely one of the major trends of this summer. Being medium sized and having an elegant design, the frame bag is excellent for walks, is suites perfectly a business outfit and you can wear it for everyday purposes. Check the collections of Balenciaga, Mulberry and Chanel and you will be amazed of their frame bags.

versace kelly bag

The Kelly bag is a more comprehensive and stylish variant of frame bags. Jason Wu and Versace have created some outstanding Kelly bags that you can wear it not only for business or leisure, but you can also take them with you in trips or when going shopping.

Another popular trend this summer is Tote bag. Actually, it seems like this trend will never get out of fashion. Being big sized, comfortable to use and having a unique style, a tote bag is perfect to carry all the poolside accessories and your cosmetics, but you can also use it to complement an everyday look. The collections of Christian Dior and Valentino have some amazing tote bags that you should not miss.

A cool and interesting principle noticed during fashion shows is matching the design, style and color of your handbags with your garments. Designs and textures are extremely important, so choose bags with glittery details, metallic vibes, vibrant colors and geometric patterns. Breads, velvet, fringes, studs and crystals were excellent details of bags from the summer collections of Fendi, Christian Dior, Valentino, Diane Von Furstenberg or Etro.

The colorful interpretations with the most incredible and diverse design patterns are definitely a must for this summer handbag trends. Complete your wardrobe with these amazing bags and you will certainly look sensational this summer.