What You Need to Know Before Buying a Yoga Mat Bag

Carrying a yoga mat can be clumsy and unmanageable without a proper bag. Good quality yoga mats are heavy, lengthy, and durable. Therefore, you need a yoga mat bag that is large and durable. There is a huge variety of mat bags in different sizes, shapes, and styles to carry yoga mats of different sizes. Consider a few things before you go out there to purchase a bag for your yoga mat.


You can find bags made from different types of materials to carry your yoga mats. There are bags made of canvas, cotton, linen, and nylon. Each of these materials has its own pros and cons. Canvas bags are stylish, durable, and washable. You can choose cotton or nylon yoga mat bags ( livewell360.com/yoga-mat-bags ) if you want to protect your yoga mats from the vagaries of nature and prevent the growth of bacteria and mold. It is essential to choose the most appropriate bag material to store your yoga mat so that you can clean it without hassles whenever necessary.

Size of the bag

Most of the standard yoga bags can accommodate only thin and lightweight mats, which are made of PVC. Regular yoga practitioners often use high quality, thick and durable mats that require a large-sized bag. Therefore, before you purchase a mat bag, consider the size of your mat, or better, take it along with you while you purchase your mat bag. In this way, you are rest assured you have the right sized bag for your yoga mat. When there are so many options out there, remember not to settle for something that caters to your minimum requirement.


Similar to all kinds of bags, yoga mat bags are also available in a huge plethora of designs and styles. You can find tote bags, long tube design bags, gym bags with separate yoga mat straps, and so forth. There are mat bags with different compartments to store yoga costumes, towels, makeup accessories, mobiles, iPods, and even valuables such as jewelry. Invest in a mat bag that has secured pockets and pouches to keep money and valuables while you workout or practice yoga.

Apart from designs, styles, and colors, it is always important to choose a yoga mat bag that is functional and convenient. Some bags might appear beautiful when it hangs on your shoulder, but if it can hardly protect your yoga mat, it is deemed useless.

Therefore, while you shop for your mat bag ( https://www.livewell360.com/products/ ), consider the number of things you carry to your yoga session and then choose a bag that fits all these accessories perfectly. If you consider the above factors, your search for a perfect mat bag will be a hassle-free process.

What to Look For in Women’s Gym Backpack

Gone are the days when gym bags were mere backpacks to pack your gym clothes and accessories. Now, gym backpacks have become sophisticated and trendy ( livewell360.com/products/backpack ). You can find women’s gym backpack in a wide variety of colors, styles, designs, and materials to suit your personal lifestyle.

There are a few things to consider before you choose a gym backpack. Some of these are the following

Size of the bag

Gym backpacks vary from small to large size bag that is ideal for travel. A medium sized gym bag is more appropriate as it is easy to carry and convenient.


Some of the most commonly used materials are nylon, leather, and canvas. You can choose the materials of the bag according to your style and personal taste. Nylon backpacks are affordable and easy to maintain. Moreover, it tends to be water resistant. However, leather backpacks are expensive and susceptible to damage when exposed to water.


With gym backpacks becoming more popular and stylish, you can find a huge variety of designs and colors to suit different types of gym outfits. There are duffel bags, messenger bags, tote bags, and much more available at affordable price rates.


Women’s gym backpacks have shoulder straps that are adjustable and extremely comfortable. There are several other backpacks, which feature different types of straps. You can choose a gym backpacks according to your comfort level and convenience.


It is important to choose gym backpacks that are long lasting with the ability to withstand the test of time. Nylon backpacks are durable and water resistant. It is an ideal choice while you travel to the gym.


Women’s gym backpack must be able to accommodate all types of gym accessories such as shoes, gym clothes, sneakers, water bottle, and other accessories. Most of the gym backpacks have adjustable compartments, which can store different types of items such as shampoos, moisturizers, refreshing sprays, and so forth. You can also keep your sweaty clothes in a different compartment if the gym bag is spacious.

Shoe compartment

Gym backpacks with separate shoe compartments is another crucial element that you need to consider before buying these bags. You can look for bags that have large pockets to store your shoes.

Women’s gym backpacks are easy to carry, as there is less strain on the shoulders. There is a large number of stylish gym backpacks for women in different styles and designs  ( Livewell360.com/Products ) at reasonable price rates. Backpacks have been a classic option, and it can accommodate more than your gym accessories.

It is essential to choose gym bags according to your work out session. Lightweight bags are ideal for runners while you need a strong bag with straps if you need to carry weight. Gym backpacks can make you look stylish. Therefore, choose a trendy backpack and appear chic for your routine workout!

How Important is a Backpack with Shoe Compartment?

Let’s face it; everybody wants to make a statement as they hit the gym for their fitness regime. Be it the gym gears, gym wears or the gym bags; the new fitness generation wants it all perfect. And when it comes to the gym bag, it should be large, lightweight, multi-partitioned, separate shoe compartment and of course must be affordable.

Backpack with a shoe compartment is having the best of both worlds where fitness enthusiasts can carry their gym shoes in a stylish bag. And while the bag is expected to carry any size of shoes ( livewell360/the-backpack ), it is also expected to provide enough room for clothes and accessories of various training regimes such as cross training or weight training.

Almost everyone looks for the separate shoe compartment in gym bag packs. These bags are easy to carry even on motorbikes and bicycles. Even those who prefer to walk to the gym can also easily carry the bag on the shoulder without feeling the extra weight. The cushioned shoulder straps prevent the bag from feeling heavy even if it carries other weights with the shoes.

The separate shoe compartment also locks the smell from the shoes to spread in the bag. For those who carry a laptop in a gym bag, also need not to worry about the dust or the dirt from the shoes to reach the laptop because these gym bags have laptop compartment completely separate from shoe compartment.

Some bags also provide shoe compartment at the bottom of the bag with separate zippers. It gives the feeling of two bags attached to each other.

Majority of a backpack with a shoe compartment is made from durable polyester fabric which is wash proof and keeps everything inside safe and dry. Though the fabric may vary as per the model or the design of the bag ( LiveWell360/products ), but a certain percentage of polyester is always there.

The polyester makes the bags lightweight and easy to maintain. Even if an athlete regularly cleans the shoes, the smell always returns because of excessive sweating during training. And running makes the shoes dirty.

The concept of separate shoe compartment in the bag pack prevents this sweat and dirt from spreading into other things inside the bag. Who would like their clothes, water bottle, accessories, and other essentials to smell bad or get dirty? No wonder why backpack with a shoe compartment is the new style statement in the gym!

Things to Consider While Buying a Girls Gym Bag

Fitness has never been taken as seriously as it is today. Be it gym, yoga, aerobics, Zumba or any other fitness activity, you do need a gym bag to carry all the essentials, equipment and clothes that you need for the fitness routine. Imagine not having a bag to dump all your sweaty clothes or not having a bag to carry your shoes! (more…)

Try Out these 5 Hot and Unique Women’s Underwear Sets

Lingerie can be bought in many different forms and styles – bras, panties, garter belts, suspenders, and so on. These intimate apparel for women can be availed as separates, as well as combined sets of two or more products. One such combination is that of the women’s underwear set. It usually comprises of a panty or women’s brief paired along with a bra. At times, it also includes other lingerie articles such as suspenders, girdles, corsets, and so on. Undergarment sets feature the same or similar kind of design and styling, making them extremely aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. Here are five hot and unique underwear sets to try beyond the regular bra and panty pairing. (more…)

Reliability and quality of nursing clogs

For many years, quality wooden clogs were the right choice for all those people who, because of work and daily tasks are exposed to standing for hours, because they provide the quality, reliability, and the necessary comfort.

Employed in hospitals and health centers carry them throughout the year, and medical slippers are known for their simplicity and uniformity. Although commercially available models in different colors, those white was far the most common. In recent seasons, fashion designers organized the big return of clogs and advised us to wear them as everyday footwear because they are thankful and quality. Even more, they are fantastic in common combination with your favorite pieces from the wardrobe. (more…)

How you can buy the perfect gold earrings for womens

Humans started wearing earrings in ancient times, when earrings were considered primarily a male ornament. Apparently, Ancient Assyrians and Egyptians used this type of jewellery to show their socio-economic status.

The jewellery designs can range from small loops and studs to large plates and dangling items, but the size can be limited by the physical capacity of the earlobe to hold the earring without tearing.

Today, gold earrings are used by ladies with the purpose of complementing the shape of their face. Select earrings that are in tune with your tastes and personality. Don’t just buy a pair because it is in vogue, knowing that it is not the right colour or shape for you.

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Here are some tips about how you can choose the right gold earrings:

1. Face

Every woman wants jewelry that flatters her face. Since every face is different, it’s a good idea to find gold earrings for womens that goes well with one’s face shape, size, and skin tone. With gold earrings in particular, there are perfect options for every woman.

2. Durability

Though gold is not as durable as some industrial metals, gold earrings for womens are some of the most durable jewelry available. Both white gold jewelry and yellow gold jewelry can be worn daily, as gold wedding rings have proven. Earrings of all types sit near your face, so it is important to always look their best.

3. Sensitivity

Gold is a high-quality metal, and although it is sometimes alloyed with nickel and copper, it is less likely to cause allergies or pain in the earlobes than many other substances. Gold earrings for womens are unlikely to cause allergic reactions, so you can buy them with no worry.

4. Shine

Few metals match the beauty and luster of gold. Gold earrings for womens quickly draw attention to the face, and, whether you choose white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or two-tone earrings, you’ll be adding shiny luster to your earlobes.

5. Expense

The cost of a pair of gold earrings for womens can be determined by numerous facts, but especially by how much gold the jewellery contain.

6. Versatility

You may have some jewellery in your collection that can only be worn with a few different outfits. Gold earrings for womens are generally versatile enough to be worn with everything, making it a good investment.

Earrings are one of the most important accessories for a woman, so make a style statement wherever you go, be it on the beach or in the club!

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What you should know about false eyelashes

Since ages, fashion of women has been the subject of many changes not only in clothing, but in accessories as well. From handbags and footwear to jewelry, from hair color to make-up and nails, the changes have always exited women. When it comes to make-up, the most interesting accessory is represented by the false eyelashes.

Almost every women i know love false eyelashes because it can really change your appearance. When you wear that fashionable accessory you look more classy and your eyes can be extremely hot. From full-on false eyelashes to individual ones, there is no better way to make you look more gorgeous.

Here is what you should know about buying and wearing false eyelashes.

Choosing the right shape

If you have smaller eyes, look for lashes that are thicker in the outer corner. This will add lift and length. For eyes that are wide set or have little or no crease, concentrate your lashes in the center of the eye. For deep-set eyes, you have to use longer lash strips so you can lengthen the eye. If the strips are too long, size them to your eye and then trim them down with cuticle scissors.

How you put them on

Squeeze a drop of false eyelashes adhesive on the back of your hand and use a special stick to lightly dab the glue to the lash. Wait about 15 seconds, then lay the strip on the outer edge of your eye, as close to the lash line as possible. Hold the false eyelashes with a tweezer on the outside corner and your thumb and index finger on the inner part. Look down and align the false eyelashes by focusing on the middle first, and then pressing down the ends.
Apply mascara to both your natural and fake eyelashes. Use 1 or 2 coats of mascara to blend.

How you take them off

To remove your false eyelashes, just take a Q-tip and soak it in some eye make-up remover. Swipe the Q-tip along your lash line back and forth a few times. You will start to notice the strip loosening from your lash line. Once the false lashes are pretty loose, use your thumb and index finger to gently pull it off.

Cleaning and storing

If you want to use the lashes in the future, you have to clean them gently. Use some make-up remover and a tissue to remove the remaining glue and mascara. Lightly wipe them repeatedly in the direction from band to tip of the lashes and then place them back on the plastic tray.

Valentines Day gift ideas for women

Guys, it’s that time of the year again! What, don’t tell me you don’t know what I’m talking about here!? You gotta be kidding me! Or probably, you don’t have a girlfriend or a wife. If that’s the case, then you’re a lucky one! Because you don’t have to go out and start shopping for Valentines Day gifts. Yeah, you don’t have to tell me about it, it’s a tough time this February!

Usually, it’s a bit difficult to pick the right gift for a woman, even if you think you know that lady very well. But what should you do? Should you quit searching for the right gift to give her this Valentines Day? I wouldn’t say it’s a wise choice! Women like getting something this time of the year, as they do when it’s their birthday or Christmas.

So for the guys out there who are on the hunt for the most appropriate present for the woman in their lives, I decided to come up with a short list of about 5 top Valentines Day gift ideas for women. These are tried and tested and should do the work. Just make sure you add a little bit of your own touch to them for an even bigger “wow” effect!

1. Flowers and some chocolate

I think these two go hand in hand very well. Plus, they are also the classic Valentines Day gift you can give to your loved one. It’s no wonder their price goes up every damn February around this holiday! But that’s ok, you should be able to deal with it. Won’t cost you an arm and a leg in the end.

If you want to impress your lady, go for some red roses. And, of course, don’t forget about the chocolate! Heart shaped and cute, it’s Valentines Day!

2. Jewelry

Not as cheap as the flowers or the chocolate I was talking about, but definitely a gift which, I believe, will leave her speechless. Doesn’t have to be something way too fancy or with an insane price tag. You don’t have to break the bank. Remember, it’s all about picking something that shows the love you have for her without being distasteful. Yes, you can actually do this! So pay attention to what jeweleries you buy!

Make sure it’s something she will like. Before splashing the cash on anything, think about what she wears. Does she like necklaces? Or earrings? What color is her favorite? Does she like gold or silver? How about diamonds? See, there a few questions you need to answer yourself before buying a piece of jewelry. The last thing you want is to pay a lot of money on something she will hate and never even wear.

3. Gift certificate for a Spa

There’s no secret: women like being treated like queens. They like to be pampered, so a gift certificate for a health spa should be just about the perfect Valentines Day gift you can give to your lady. Some spa packages might be a little bit expensive than others, but should totally worth it! Think about what she will enjoy there: she’ll have her nails done, she’ll get a massage and anything else that is included and comes with the package you choose.

And while she is there, enjoying her day, you’re free to do whatever you like. Maybe go golfing or having a beer with friends. At least until she gets back home.

4. Sexy lingerie

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Don’t think I can add more. Usually, it’s us, men, who benefit more from this kind of gift than women. But still, it’s an interesting choice for Valentines Day for women. When you go out shopping for lingerie, make sure you buy her something that makes her sexy and comfortable! Can you do that?

5. A getaway

A romantic getaway, that is. You might not have enough money to take her somewhere really fancy (think Caribbean) without robbing a bank, but that shouldn’t stop you from surprising her with a nice getaway. Pick a place that’s in your budget range and take her there. Doesn’t matter if it’s closer or further away from home, just do it! Go spend a couple of days far away from the daily distractions, then come back home, batteries fully recharged and ready to take on whatever the life wants to throw at you!