With summer collections already on hand we can surely say that women’s wide leg pants have made a triumphant return. And this is no surprise as they are usually very neatly tailored, sit well on different figures and really stand out from the usual range of outfits on the streets. There are now dozens of variations of them for all the occasions, from a day in the office to a night out in the city.

The trendiest combinations with women’s wide leg pants include the baggiest variety of these. They still sit perfectly at the waist but are looser at the hips and the crotch is longer. Don’t be afraid to look like an old-school rapper, these pants are made not of rough denim but of silky and fluid looking fabrics that create that flowing effect. Some trousers of this sort may even look more like a skirt than a pair of pants. Of course combining these with other items of wardrobe may be a challenge, but fashion challenges are often a pleasure, aren’t they? Just remember that the silky fitting tops are the best companion for wide leg pants. And why not wear them cropped? This will be a perfect choice for an elegant evening out when you don’t feel like wearing a dress. If you are afraid to lose in terms of height then go for more classic options e.g. a high-waist pair made of silky cotton, paired with a tucked in shirt or camisole.

When we think of clothes for work women’s wide leg pants may become a wonderful basis for all the sorts of suits. Cropped, well-fitting jackets and vests together with such pants will make you look like a long-legged business goddess without that boring office touch. You may wear elongated jackets or cardigans, just be careful not to have them too oversized. The line of the jacket hem should be naturally supported by the leg of the trousers. But do not overwork this outfit with too bold colors. Reserved palette will only accentuate the fresh cut of your suit.

Wide trousers can be also seen in many casual looks. It is a bit more difficult to pull off a look with wide leg trouser; jeans women wear is much more forgiving in these terms. But be honest, sometimes you want to have a bit more for the day than your old comfy Levi’s and a T-shirt and you still want to keep the comfort of that match. So there come women’s wide leg pants made of light and natural fibers. Properly tailored they won’t create any discomfort at the waist and will let you move and sit properly. If you wish to wear them with flat shoes it is better to go for designs with narrower legs, while the extreme widths will be perfect with heels and wedges.

As you see there are dozens of combination to be created with this particular style. So maybe it is time to hit the streets with a new trendy look?