What kind of deal will it be when you have a gym, fitness and travel kit all placed together in a form of a comfy bag? Amazing, I must say. How about a Gym Bag ( livewell360.com/the-luxx ) with a lot of compartments available to ensure the comfort of the user.

Today’s gym bags come in a plethora of designs and patterns that make it hard to recognize it as a gym bag. They are very similar to duffel bag or a messenger bag, and can also be used even if you are not headed to the gym. Gym bags are spacious and functional, cotton or nylon gym bags in solid colors are fit for both the gym and otherwise. Some of the best Gym Bag has the list of following compartments, such as:

• A compartment for Shoes and sweaty clothes towards the outer side of the bag.

• Padded laptop compartment for the safety of the laptop

• Another compartment for Water bottle or other tall bottle slip towards the inner side.

• Shampoo/Conditioner or other bottles compartment.

• A main compartment for Large clothes or other items

• Also a Small fleece lined zip pocket for precious stuff like watch, jewellery

• 2 other small zip pockets

• Key compartment with a key lanyard.

• Compartment for wallet

• Compartment for phone

• One big compartment towards the outer side with a zip for each access items.

• Removable yoga mat strap.


These bags are made by using premium quality material. The bag uses premium ballistic nylon which stands up to the elements and last lifetime. The Exterior of the bag is made from lightweight top¬-grade ballistic nylon. The Interior of the bag is made with Signature Crimson Liner, Signature LW patch. The Quality of bag is ensured as it is reinforced by durable metal hardware. Plush back padding with premium seatbelt strip trims.


Before buying any gym bag it is important to check the size and the weight of the bag since it will ensure the suitability of the bag for the user. The weight of the bag is 3lbs. The size of the bag goes as follows:

Length – 22 inches

Height -12 inches

Base width -11 inches

How to Take Care of Your Gym Bag With Laptop Compartment-

The care of gym bags ( Livewell360.com/Products ) are really important as they are used regularly and are prone to dirt due to inefficient caring. There are two ways to clean these bags:

Water and Wipe- It is always advisable to use a damp cold cloth with water to wipe any excess dirt.

Spot Cleaning- It is always advisable to use mild soap and test on small area before using all over.