A pair of good shoes completes the ‘gentleman look’. A good pair of shoes is one that would not only fit perfectly but also allows the wearer to feel comfortable. The shoes should adjust to the movement of the feet. When you talk about shoes, the topic of shoelaces should always find a mention. This contraption keeps the shoes as well as the feet in place.

Of course, you can find shoes without shoelaces as well. They form part of a different story. We shall restrict our scope of discussion to the shoes that require shoelaces to fasten them up. This would now bring up the question of the function of the shoelaces.

Conventional shoelaces: Their functions
Shoelaces perform the seemingly simple function of fastening the shoes to our feet. Is it as simple as that? The answer should be both a YES as well as an NO. Yes, because that precisely is the function of the shoelaces. You wear your shoes, tie up your laces, and off you go. The laces have their benefits. They have their drawbacks as well.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the conventional shoelaces is that they become loose frequently. You have to keep on re-fastening them. It can be a tough as well as an embarrassing job for you at times. It may happen that you or someone else might just step on the ends of the laces causing it to unfasten. This can happen at the most inopportune moment as well. It can also happen that your shoelaces may snap at any time causing a great deal of discomfort dragging the loose shoe all the way home.

The solution:
Is there a solution to this problem? Yes, there are shoes that do not have shoelaces. However, you would find difficulty in finding the perfect fit. There has been the use of ‘Velcro’ as well. However, they make many sounds and look quite ungainly as well.

There is a new technique available today known as the ‘Hickies responsive lacing system’. This system uses a shoelace type of a contraption made from a memory-fit Elastomer compound. This is a synthetic compound having qualities of elasticity as well as viscosity. People commonly call this the elastic shoe laces.

The uniqueness of the Elastomer:
The viscosity and the elasticity features of this contraption make it expand as well as contract with every foot movement you make. The elastic shoelaces for shoes are not the conventional type of laces. You do not have one piece of Elastomer material going through all the eyelets of the shoes, as you would find so with the conventional laces. There would be individual components for each pair of eyelets. Each strap works independently of the others. Thus even if one pair snaps out, the shoes do not become loose. This has solved one issue of the conventional lacing system.

You have seen a major drawback of the conventional lacing system. You have also seen its solution in the form of the Hickies responsive lacing system. This is the new trend catching up in today’s times.