Are you ready to unlock the truths about one of the most secretive organizations in the world?  It has been approximated that close to four million people participate in “The Craft” across the globe, which makes the Freemasons one of the largest fraternal organizations in the world.  However, despite the high number of members, the organization has remained pretty secretive to the outside world.  Who the Freemasons are, what they do, and what secrets are contained within the walls of their organization still remain a cause for wonder—and that mystery has led to some pretty interesting film and literature adaptations. While the majority of that information will probably remain mysteriously hidden away for years to come, we can begin to decipher a few of the mysteries of the Freemasons—and we can start with Masonic jewelry.

The mystery behind Freemason symbols

If there is one part of the Freemasons that isn’t completely secreted away, it’s the Freemasons’ symbol. That iconic image is recognizable to members of the Freemasons and non-members alike—with particular thanks to films like the Da Vinci Code for spreading the image around complete with its heavily-embedded sense of mystery, intrigue, and danger. However, the secret of the Masonic symbol that inscribes each piece of Masonic jewelry (along with buildings, letterheads, and probably a few envelopes) isn’t exactly a mystery.

The symbol is drawn from the tools the Stonemasons use, primarily featuring the square and compasses, along with the level and plumb rule, and the trowel. While inscribing the Masonic jewelry with the tools that built the Freemasons, the symbols are also imbued with moral teachings. For instance, the plumb is used to build a structure that stands upright and true, the square brings angles together to strengthen the structure, and the level ensures a solid foundation that doesn’t put excessive pressure on any component. These are symbols that point to the necessary components of building a strong structure, but they also point to the characteristics Freemasons need to be strong and judicious contributors to the society as well as to the community. The final moral is inscribed in the symbol of the lambskin apron, which reminds Freemasons that they choose to live their lives in service to others, and with purity of intent.

Coded with color

The symbols inscribed on Masonic jewelry are themselves important, but so, too, is the color in which those symbols are set.  Masonic jewelry usually features a blue background, but that color is actually significant to the symbolism of the Freemasons. Blue is the color that represents universal friendship and benevolence, so it is fitting for a fraternity that extends so vastly across the globe to adopt that color for its unifying symbol. It is also the color of the vault of heaven, though, and it is the only color (besides white) that is allowed to be used in a Master’s Lodge.

The true secret of the symbol inscribed on Masonic jewelry is that it represents both an oath and a bond. Wearing Masonic jewelry not only stands as an outward sign to others that you are a part of the Freemasons organization, but it also stands as a reminder of your moral ties to yourself, your community, and your brotherhood—it is definitely not an item to be worn lightly, but with the knowledge that the vast secrets of the Freemasons are at your command.

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